About me

Okay well about me, first off I’m a major nerd. I am also in many fandoms, yeah Stranger Things okay, along with Camp Camp, Eddsworld, Steven Universe and really just a lot more. You may consider me as trash, I won’t be offended. I play many games and such too, Overwatch being my favorite. DnD is really cool. Honestly, I’m just a major spazz that unfortunately makes everything I say/ Write sound extremely cringy even though I don’t mean for it to be. I spend a lot of my time online, but that’s because I just have a lot of internet friends. I enjoy drawing, a lot, my Instagram page features my drawings and more. (No, I’m not telling you what it is.) I have dreams of being an animator, creating my own webtoon or at least having some fun. I’m kinda annoying to talk to tbh so, uh, maybe don’t haha. But hey I can be decent, and at least I’m being honest here. But anyways enough of that edge, I was born in Phoenix Arizona. As you can tell I am running out of things to say. Sometimes I’ll go on rants about things, it changes a lot. Well anyways that’s enough about me, more than enough, have a nice day other children and I’ll.. see you later.   -FC

I FORGOT TO POST A PICTURE- Okay so I love Green cheek Conures and I’ve REALLY wanted one, and I wanted to name one Cheerio and the other Carol.