March 2, 2018

Deep thinker #1

Source: Hiddensee, Gregory Maguire, Page 5.

“The wolf bled to death under the moon. In the morning, the old woman broke off a portion of frozen blood. It was like a cracked brown plate. She brought it home to thicken the evening stew.”

Context: Earlier, well about a paragraph earlier, a rogue wolf was prowling around before the old man managed to trap and kill it with his axe. This was the day before in the book. It was also describing that the old man was too afraid to kill the barnyard animals for food, so this was a bit of an accomplishment for him.

This makes me think: Well, I had chose it because it seemed sorta nicely described, not too into it but not too little. It could be considered a bit sickening to others, but I personally thought it was pretty neat. It could be considered well-worded too?

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