May 15, 2018

Not Being Seen

Conor wanted people to see him so desperately because it seemed like people would underestimate him or just see him as ‘another kid’ and nothing else. He wanted people recognize that he was much more than just some poor kid. He did seem to push away Lily, but maybe because he already knew Lily had always seen him and it didn’t make a difference. It would make Conor feel better to be punished probably because it was normal for him before, and he wanted to try and relive something of that, especially with all the craziness. That, or he just felt bad overall. The Monster is telling him these stories and also teaching small lessons that he finds out about, and that these sometimes help distract from his mother. Being seen is good, it let’s people know you aren’t what they would think you were. If you’re feeling unseen try doing something to be seen. Not like what Conor did obviously, but talk to people and get out there.

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May 9, 2018


Believing in something is to have hope for it, to think it can do something. I think that what the Monster did was the right thing to do. The Parson just gave up on his beliefs, then he expected the Apothecary to just give him what he wanted. Even though the Parson took away most of his things, and wouldn’t give him things either, then he tries giving it to him in the end. He just threw away the beliefs to get help. I think it has to do with Conor and everyone because Conor should have belief in things. He should start trying to believe that his mother isn’t doing so well anymore, his dad should try believing his struggles because it kinda just seems like he doesn’t really care or recognize it too much. His mom should believe that she needs to tell Conor she isn’t doing well either, she should not keep telling him everything’s fine. Image result for belief

May 1, 2018

The meaning of Stories

Why would we tell stories if they didn’t exactly have a lesson, or it’s rule breaking? Stories are entertaining to others. They can make your imagination run wild, let you create new ideas, or to just simply enjoy them. Though, sometimes, there may not be an intended purpose to the story, but someone may look at it in a way that it does have one and that they might even learn from that. I think the monster is showing up and telling him this for a reason, that the stories may tie in together or that he might pick up a lesson from it. The Monsters stories could end up helping him with something he needs, helping him with someone perhaps.

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April 27, 2018

How I Survive Hard Things

How do I survive hard things? Well, I’ve been through a lot and I still am, but unfortunately a lot of it is personal. One’s I am comfortable with sharing, I didn’t do anything to make myself better really. But, here’s some things I do is these, usually I sit in my room and relax. I put on calming music or background rain, if it’s night I turn on my fairy lights and color in some of my books that I have a million of. Sometimes I’ll draw, but that makes me angry sometimes. Or I’ll just relax on my bed, maybe sleep.  It’s hard but I get through it, I don’t really talk to people about it though. Related image


April 23, 2018

Why Read Sad Books?

Sometimes, reading a sad book could be good for you. Reading a sad book could maybe give you an inspiration to do something based on the book, maybe inspire you to be a better person. Or it could show you some hard struggles and such that people have to go through either from day to day life, or just slowly throughout it. You could look at things differently, in the world or look at people differently. Focusing on happy books, we don’t exactly see what’s wrong and what can happen to others. We focus and see what coolness happens to the person in happy books, but never see anything that’s really important.

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March 23, 2018


People maintain their hope by doing things that may comfort them. Perhaps going to another person, talking to them and having a good time. Maybe just simply believing that whatever will hope will happen, will happen. You could support that with evidence and reason onto why that could happen, but of course you don’t want to get your hopes up too high in case something happened. Whenever I hope something will happen, I think about it a little but I mostly try not to focus on it too much in case. Depending on the situation, I’ll persuade my parents to let me do it. Such as if I was hoping to go somewhere or to do something with a friend.

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March 7, 2018

Secrets Secrets Are No Fun; Secrets Secrets Hurt Someone

Her keeping some of the secrets is good, others are bad to keep but should be secrets. If she told anyone, even her closest friend, about Max they could all be in big trouble. Liesals secret about stealing food and books is good to keep, even though it’s not a good thing to do at this time period. Knowing and having to keep all of these secrets will probably effect Liesal one way or another. It could end up putting a lot of stress on her, or she’s tempted to tell someone. She may even accidentally say something without realizing, and risk a lot of things for her, her friends, and her family.

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February 23, 2018

Max abandoned his family.

Max did do the right thing. It was a struggle to do at first, maybe considered selfish to leave, but it was for the best. The family wanted him to leave as well, for his safety. If he stayed he would be dead by now most likely, and they may have been separated anyways, it was best for him to go and save himself, even though he couldn’t save his family. He still felt tortured through it, but it would have been better than him staying with the family and possibly being separated and killed in the end. It wasn’t a wrong choice to do.

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February 21, 2018

Fate or Chance?

I believe that these could be a bit of both? Most things probably aren’t meant to really happen, I just think things happen by luck and decisions. Maybe a past choice will effect something that happens in the future, and that’s set. But you could always change how something may happen by doing something at the right time, even though some things can’t be changed. Our lives are basically controlled by ourselves, our choices and such. But things can happen, and to where there’s no point of turning back. Coincidences probably just happen based on choices you have made, or maybe even by accident who knows.

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February 12, 2018

Can books be dangerous?

Could books be dangerous? It depends more on the situation you’re in. Books can’t really be dangerous, unless you throw one at someones face. But sometimes, we may not be allowed to have books. Maybe it’s the place, it could just be a simple rule like ‘No books allowed’ if you’re at a pool or something of the sort, obviously. But, in situations such as Liesal was in, they may not be allowed to have books that support propaganda from places they do not approve of, or if it’s something about said places. Or about someone, if it was a book supporting the Jewish, or Communism, that would probably not be allowed and could get you in dangerous consequences.

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