Love moderately

To love moderately means to me to not love so fast. What I mean by that is when you meat someone instead of saying you instantly love that person what you should do is get to know that person first. If you say you love someone instantaneously you should go on a few dates and get to know that person.


I feel like people hate due to that fact that they need to vent or it could be that the person that they hate has other ideas or actions that one wouldn’t like or due. What I am trying to say is for example there was someone who was once a friend but after seeing what he did I stop liking him in fact I now really don’t like him. He would be mean to his friends, everything had to be his way and he would make fun of my beliefs. So I feel that people hate due to how others act.

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

I feel that schools should definitely teach Shakespeare based on what that teacher is teaching there students. What I mean by that is based on what subject you are teaching. The two biggest subjects that I could see Shakespeare being useful in are English and in History. In English it could help teach students on the evolution of English over a 400 year time period. In History is shows what life was like in the 1600s. you can get and idea of what people were like and how people talk like back in the 1600s. I believe that Shakespeare is a very important thing to teach students.

what I don’t know about my fellow students

I have learned that not every ones life our so sweet and happy. Others can have a bitter life. My partner, (who is will not say) had there father leave after she was born. It took 11 years until she finally meet him again. As compared to my life I have had my father with me every day and still. I learned that there are people in the world who don’t have as nice of a life as me and struggle.  I really shows me that I need to do more to help other people. I really am grateful for my partner to share her life with as is has widened mine

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

I felt that this years has been one of my betters years when it comes to grades. As for English I felt like I have put in a good effort but I feel like I could have done more. My grade in this class I a B. One of my goals that I had for this year in English was to  make sure that I could bay attention in class and to enjoy outside reading more. So far as those goals I feel pretty good. I enjoy reading a lot more then I did before. My new goal is to try and get ahead on my work instead of behind.

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To kill a mockingbird review


The book takes place in 1930s around the great depression in a little down called Maycomb county revolving around a girl named scout and her brother Jem. Scout spends her summers with her brother and friend Dill wondering about the town and the dark and mysterious place knows as the Radly place where a man named Boo radly lurks about, but 2 years later things change for scout as their father Atticus Finch is asks to help a black man accused of raping a wight women in a trial.

Over a few years when I talk about books with my family one that will always come up is To kill a mockingbird. To me the books has had a very large reputation. The book does hold up to the reputation and I very much enjoyed reading the book.


The film adaptation of the story is a little different from the book. The film highlight the important parts in the book very well. The film did have a lot differences in the minor details, The most powerful scene that was in the film was the trial were Atticus is defending Tom Robinson. You can feel the tension in the crowd as Atticus gives his case. I thought that the movie adaption was very well done and did a very good job in explaining the story.Image result for scout finch

Good stuff

For the quote that I chose is We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” (246). the reason that I chose this one is because it is something that EVERY body will go through.  For example if you work hard on something and it doesn’t work out you sill have gotten something from that. In the book Atticus loses the case but be proves that he knows what he is doing and he proved Tom was innocent even if was still found guilty. Even if it is not a large step we still are closer then we were before.

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An Authority on courage: Privet james Ryan

What is courage. Well to me it is never running away from your duty even when danger is coming. That is what I did back in France of 1944. There were only 12 of use the 10 then 8 then 4 then 3. We stayed making sure that none of those Fritz reach the other side of that beige other wise France was lost. I lost almost all of my friends that day. Only me and 2 of the others made is out before the air force came in took care of the rest. So to me courage is never running away from what your fighting for even in it means you life and the loss of something important.Image result for world war 2 american soldiers

Real Courage

I think that is a very good definition and say very important ideas and thoughts. It is funny though there are many definitions of courage for example in the hobbit Gandalf says Courage is not knowing when to take a life but when to spare one. I think it is interesting that there are way more then 1 definition of courage. The way is if different from mine is mine idea of courage is knowing when to make the hard choices for your self and for others. It is similar on the thought of doing hard things for your self and others.Image result for courage


I think that it is a good idea to keep going even if you know that you are going to lose. By keeping up even if you are going to fail it will show that you are willing to try even if things are against you and that you are persitant, but don’t sacrifice as much as you can to get what you want only do so if there is no other choice. The only reason one should sacrifice something is if it is for a better cause. It is dumb to sacrifice something if what you receive is worse.

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