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Janitors Heroes Of The Dustbin

The setting of  this book is a landfill. The landfill has a secret entrance that will collapse if anyone without the code goes on it. A school is picked by a magic plunger and taken to the landfill

The schools are battlefields. The witches are making kids not want to learn, daydreams trying to ruin education.


Parent/teacher conference

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Dear mom and dad,

The book i’m reading is Janitors Heroes Of The Dustbin by Tyler Whitesides I am currently at page 99. During the 2o minutes of in-class reading time, I read Janitors. Out of those 20 minutes I read about 15 pages.

In class i’m not bothering the people around I am often helpful to people in class, I’m always on task never not paying attention to Mrs. Phippen and i’m always willing to take risks for learning in class.

My grade in this class is a B+ I have a red score on my declare your book now that I turned it in and finished it my grade is  going to go up. This is the link to my blog about my post

Declare Your Book

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The Maze Runner

I chose this book because I saw the movie and I really liked so then I got the book now i’m reading it and I like the genre adventure. The movie attracted me to this book because I saw the movie it was really good so I decided to read the book and so far it’s a good book. I got this book at the library.

The authors name of the book is James Dashner. James Dashner was born November 26, 1972 he is 44 years old, he is now living in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. This is the link to the authors website 

James Dashner has four kids and living in Utah. He usually writes about science fiction, adventure, and mystery.

My book was written in 2014. Books that are similar to The Maze Runner are the Scorch trials, The Fever Code the genre of my book is adventure, and fantasy. The reading level of this book is grade 8 and 9. The Maze Runner has 375 pages

my favorite book

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I like this book because  it’s action, and adventure. This book has 375 pages. The genre of this book is Action and Adventure. I recommend this book if you like action and adventure

Hello world!

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