Metacognition of Term 1

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Metacognition means awareness and understanding of ones own thought process. This year, my reading index score was 1468. I don’t feel like I have made much improvement¬† this year because I have been focused on other things, but I probably have at least a little bit. My best school assignment was probably my digital design poster, because I spent extra time on it, or possibly my Photoshop image of Mr tom, but unfortunately my teacher made me delete it. I think that I could have done better in math because with all the rest of my classes and other things at home, math took a backseat, and I did not do too well.

Fall Break is a fun break, but I don’t really have any plans. I know I won’t be watching Netflix the entire time, but I won’t plan what I’m going to do, because that takes all the fun out of the break. School is the scheduled classes, the rules, the strict teachers, and break is for creativity and just doing what you want. For thanksgiving and Christmas, I we usually have a big family dinner and play games.

For term 2, of course I’m going to try for all A’s, but sometimes things get in the way. Like this term, Mrs. Betty gave me an F on one assignment and it took my grade down to a B, and I can’t do anything about that, because it was a day long assignment and I don’t think I could do better if I tried. So of course I will try to get all A’s, but if things get in the way, not a big deal.

Declare My Term 1 Book

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This term i am reading Trials of Apollo. The font cover of the copy i have looks like this.

The frontThe Trials of Apollo, Book One: The Hidden Oracle by [Riordan, Rick] cover of my book looks like: Here is the Amazon Link
I chose this book because I love Percy Jaxon, the Heroes of Olympus, the Kane chronicles, and the Magnus Chase series. I also personally love Apollo as a god and i think that Rick Riordan portrayed him well.
The author of my book is Rick Riordan
The reading level according to amazon is 5-9
¬†Another picture for this book is…
The Hidden Oracle (The Trials of Apollo Book 1)

Hello world!

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