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Birthday Gone Bad

I walked outside gloomy, down, and sad as I walked down the cold  

hallway. I saw that everyone was walking down to recess with a friend. I sat on the monkey bars all alone. Suddenly I saw Ann!! “Ann!” I called. Can I play with you?” I asked.

“NO WAY! I WILL NEVER–” before Ann could finish what she was saying I was running like an antelope running from a lion. I tried to hold back my tears, but I couldn’t.  Why did Ann not like me? I asked in my head. Time passed. The bell rang. “It’s time to go home,” I whispered.


“Maya what’s wrong?” Aunt Fifi asked me.  

“Nothing…” I tried to be calm, but that only made things worse.

“Okay fine I will tell you,” I said in a shaky voice. I told Aunt Fifi about what happened at school. Then I went to bed.

“Good night Maya.” Aunt Fifi closed my bedroom lights. I sat up straight in my bed. Should I give Ann an invitation? Will she get mad at me if I don’t? I ignored the feeling inside my body. “No, I’m not going to give her an invitation,” I thought to myself, and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Me and Aunt Fifi finally made all the invitations. “I don’t think we should print extra invitations. Besides I don’t really HAVE friends anyway,” I said.

“I think, we should print MORE then ‘extra’ and make new friends Maya!”

“But I CAN’T!! No one wants to be my friend!” My aunt didn’t listen.


I walked to my cousin’s house to give them invitations. “Thanks Maya,” they said. Then it was time for school.


“Class, it’s time for recess!” Mrs.Penny announced.  Ann was with a group of her friends.

“I just BET, that Maya put an invitation in my cubbie,” Ann whispered in her  friends ears. They all laughed. The bell rang. We went inside. Ann walked up to her cubbie and in her cubbie was… nothing. Ann huffed.

I was working on a project so I didn’t see what happened next. A light bulb popped in Ann’s head. She slowly unzipped my backpack and saw my extra invitations. She took one. “Hmm, I’ll take more.” She stole all my extra invitations and stuffed them in her backpack. Ann walked, tip-toeing back to her desk.


The bell rang to go home. I took my backpack and left. I heard Ann giggling at me. I looked all around me to see if she put anything on my body. Nope. I walked out the door. Ann met her  friends. “Hey look what I have!” Ann took out my Extra invitations. She gave them to her friends. They all laughed and took off.


The next day, I woke up.  “Its my birthday!” I rushed to brush my teeth and got changed. I put on a bright, red-violet dress that came with a matching bow for my hair. Me and Aunt Fifi got everything ready. 

“Maya you wait for your cousins to come. I’m going to talk to your mom and dad,” Aunt Fifi said. I sat there and waited.

“Ding-dong!” I opened the door, It was my cousins. All ten!

“Hi guys!” I said.

“Happy birthday Maya!” they all said.

The last doorbell rang. “I wonder who that is, probably mom and dad.” I thought.


“Hi Maya! Happy birthday!” Ann and her  friends said in a evil looking grin.

“What? How did YOU ge–” Ann and her  friends busted in.

I sadley started giving fruit punch to everyone. “Whoops! Sorry!” Ann spilled fruit punch on my new dress.

“Hey!” I yelled in anger.

“Hey I have a funny idea!” Ann told her friends. They each grabbed four of my favorite cupcakes. SPLAT! They threw them on my head and the frosting got on my Aunts favorite pillow.

“NOO!” I yelled. My cousins watched, not able to help. I wasn’t going to cry in front of everyone My body filled with pure anger. “ALL OF YOU  GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!” I yelled. They looked super scared. Ann was wide-eyed. “GET OUT NOW!!!!!” I yelled even louder. They bolted out the door . I slammed the door. My cousin’s mom came to pick them up. I was in my room upstairs. I slowly started to cry.


Click. My mom, Dad, and Aunt Fifi walked in the front door. “Honey I’m home!” Mom tried to find me “Maya?” My mom said in a smaller voice. She saw that the house was a mess. Mom heard me cry. She slowly walked upstairs. “What happened ?”

“I had the worst birthday party.” I wiped a tear.   

“I know, downstairs is a total MESS. Explain what happened,” Mom said. I explained every single detail to her.  Mom wiped one of the cupcakes out of my hair. “I know how it feels. Sometimes life is hard. I had a bad birthday once.” Mom told me about her story.

“Wow,” I said.

“We should forgive Ann. I think that she will be sorry and apologize.”

I wiped my last tear. “I guess I can,” I said.


The next day at school I was ready to apologize to Ann. I saw Ann. I walked slowly to her. I was about to speak, “I’m Re—”

“Hey Maya! I’m SUPER sorry about yesterday. Maybe we can be friends again?” Ann said and gave me a birthday present.


“Friends?” Ann said again.

“Sure!” I said happily.

Me and Ann are planning a redo birthday party. Ann came to my house and we celebrated my birthday party again. I opened my present from her and it was a BFF necklace. I smiled. The next day Ann’s friends apologized too. We all became good friends.

story lead #1


I walked outside gloomy down and sad while I walked down the cold hallway. I saw that Everyone was walking down to recess with a friend. I sat on the bars all alone. Then I saw Ann!! ¨Ann!¨ I called.¨  Can I play with you?¨ I asked. ¨NO WAY I WILL NEVER–¨ before Ann could finish what she was saying I was running like a antelope running from a lion. I tried to hold back my tears but I could not. Ann was cool and mostly nice. Why did Ann not like me? I asked in my head is it because I was in a hurricane?  ¨ Maya whats wrong?¨ Ant. Fifi  said ¨ nothing¨ I tried to be calm and let my fingers slide on the glass while looking down on the tasty looking cakes. but that only made things worse.¨ OK fine I will tell you.¨ I said in a shaky voice. I tolled Ant Fifi ¨I lost a friend.¨ ¨Who?¨ Ant Fifi said. ¨Ohhh lets get that snowman  ice cream cake!¨ I tried to make Ant Fifi forget about friend thing. ¨OK¨ Ant Fifi said ¨close one¨. I whispered. I was forgetting about Ann ¨she´s not my friend anyway.¨ I lied. ¨Oh¨ Ant Fifi said. 

What do you think about my lead?

What can I do to make it better

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