The Goddess of Water “Moni Mekhala” and an Ogre “Ream Eyso” both seek the magical powers of a hermit who accepts them both as students despite their differences. He offers a challenge to both, one who returns with a glass full of dew shall win. Each takes a different approach to the challenge. Moni Mekhala returns first, she was awarded a beautiful glass ball studded with jewels, and was taught to guard it wisely. Ream Eyso confident he would win returned to the hermit. Upon discovering he was second he ungratefully roared at him and also demanded a prize. The hermit awarded him an ax of solid gold. The Ogre was not happy, he tried to trick the Goddess out of her prize. He threw his ax in anger. As she dodged the ax, Moni Mekhala tossed her glass ball above her head. The ball left a streak so bright it blinded Ream Eyso, he continued to chase her as it started to rain. People listen for the thunder of the Ogre and look for the radiance of the Goddess’s magical ball. The never-ending chase continues in the sky before the rain comes.

The message is just a tale of one’s idea to explain what causes the lightening and thunder in the sky. Not necessarily any cultural items other than the names used. The story refers to an all knowledgable & magical hermit who teaches those who seek him and the struggle between good(Goddess) and evil(Ogre).

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