Max Abandoned His Family

I can’t say whether or not that what Max did was right or okay but there might be something good to come for him running away is that he knows what they did and what they do to people he tell other people and they can help him fight back for the terrible things those people have to go through. If he could have saved his family he would have but he couldn’t and his family might be glad that he survived and that one day he can help others in the same situation his family was in. No I don’t think he should have stayed with his family is you can escape and live another day then do it. Because he could help other people but if he died that day he might not get that chance to.

On Stealing

Liesel could get major consequences from her stealing. Her behavior I wouldn’t say is wrong because her stealing the books is better than letting them burn. I don’t know if I would say its okay for her to steal when she does but she wouldn’t have to if people didn’t want her to learn and get knowledge. If they found out that she is stealing I don’t know what they might do to her she is a kid but they wouldn’t care about that they will take down anybody in their way or whoever breaks the rules. I feel like liesel is stealing so she feels like she actually has something.

Book Review 2.2

What I Read: Doll Bones, By Holly Black,Genre fantasy 244 pages, 8/10

How It Starts: The Main Characters are three friends Zach, Poppy, and Alice they have been friends forever and they have been playing a continuous game that takes place in a world populated with pirates and thieves, mermaids and warriors ruling in this world is a Great Queen the doll who played her was a bone-china doll imprisoned in a cabinet cursing those who displease her.

How It Gets Complicated: Now the three friends are in middle school and Zachs father wants him to drop all of the make believe and all of the dolls and for Zach to play basketball. When Zach’s father gives him no choice he has to quit but he doesn’t tell his friends the real reason. Alice thinks their friendship is over until Poppy tells them about her dream about the queen and the ghost of a girl that will not rest until that doll is put into her empty grave.

What I Liked: I wanted to read this book because it was made by the creator of The spiderwick chronicles I loved that movie when I was a kid and so I thought I would like this book. What made this book enjoyable was that the kids were normal kids and weren’t perfect.

What I Disliked: The kids got annoying sometimes and I got this book a long time ago and I didn’t read it back then so this was kind of kidish for me since its a book for like 6th graders but overall it was a okay book.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to 7th graders or 6th graders or anybody who likes ghost books.

Deep Thinkers 2.6

Sources: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 114

Quote: Turning back to where the doll rested, outside the circle of poppy’s arms, he wondered about other impossible things, had a ghost really trashed their campsite? Was Eleanor watching him out of the Queen’s glass eyes? A chill shivered up his spine. Out in the middle of nowhere with an angry ghost and no idea how to get to her grave. Oh yeah, they were in trouble.

Context: The kids believe that there is this angry ghost named Eleanor is this doll they used as the queen in their games. They have run away to find her grave to make her not mad anymore. Zach can’t really understand if a ghost actually trashed their campsite or not.

This Makes Me Think: This ghost that is angry is it real is she real? Are the kids so sure it wasn’t a animal I mean they are out in the middle of nowhere.

Deep Thinkers 2.5

Source: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 72

Quote: He did find a can of orange soda, a package of saltine crackers, three oranges, red Twizzlers, and a jar of peanut butter, all of which he stuffed into his backpack.

Context: The three kids are deciding to go someone and Zach is packing some food he thinks they might need if they spend time in the woods and need to eat some food. Zach knows that his parents would never let him live in the woods or somewhere else besides his house but he doesn’t tell them that hes leaving so he writes a note saying that he will be playing basketball and might not be home until dinner.

This Makes Me Think: If zach knows that his parents will be mad at him for this then why is he going? Why do these young kids think its okay to be leaving home and not knowing when they are coming back home.

Deep Thinkers 2.4

Source: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 2

Quote: But he’ll never hold us. Nothing. We’re on a mission for the great queen and we won’t be stopped.

Context: The kids Zach, Poppy, and Alice are playing with their toys and there story they made up with their dolls is that they are out at sea sailing to get the Great Queen. Zachs character is William the blade who is the captain and his boat is called the Neptune’s pearl. Alice’s doll was a G. I. Joe named Lady Jaye she was loud and wild nothing like Alice she was shy and quiet.

This Makes Me Think: How old are these kids? And why are they sailing to get the Great Queen? This reminds me of back when I was a kid my brother all the time would play with G.I. Joe. I don’t really understood why those toys were so popular.

Word Nerd 2.12

Source: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 208

Context: He sat there for a long moment, breathing hard something had shifted, something seismic, and he needed to be still long enough to have it settle inside of him.

In Their Words: Seismic: seis·mic relating to earthquakes or other vibrations of the earth and its crust. relating to or denoting geological surveying methods involving vibrations produced artificially by explosions. of enormous proportions or effect. “there are seismic pressures threatening American society” 

In My Words: Its just another word for effect.

Word Nerd 2.11

Source: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 153

Context: On either side the banks were green, occasionally punctuated with oil tanks and industrial buildings and a few stretches of houses.

In Their Words: Punctuated: punc·tu·ate past tense: punctuated; past participle: punctuated insert punctuation marks in (text). “they should be shown how to set out and punctuate direct speech” 

In My Words: Its just saying that its built there.

Word Nerd 2.10

Source: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 117

Context: How if they faltered, they’d never come back

In Their Words: Faltered: fal·ter past tense: faltered; past participle: faltered start to lose strength or momentum. “her smile faltered and then faded” 

In My Words: Another word for faded.

Word Nerd 2.9

Source: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 108

Context: Poppy’s hand rested absently on the thing’s chest, like she was holding it still.

In Their Words: Absently: ab·sent·ly in an absentminded way; vaguely. “Keira toyed absently with her fork

In My Words: Someone isn’t really paying attention.