Deep Thinkers 2.5

Source: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 72

Quote: He did find a can of orange soda, a package of saltine crackers, three oranges, red Twizzlers, and a jar of peanut butter, all of which he stuffed into his backpack.

Context: The three kids are deciding to go someone and Zach is packing some food he thinks they might need if they spend time in the woods and need to eat some food. Zach knows that his parents would never let him live in the woods or somewhere else besides his house but he doesn’t tell them that hes leaving so he writes a note saying that he will be playing basketball and might not be home until dinner.

This Makes Me Think: If zach knows that his parents will be mad at him for this then why is he going? Why do these young kids think its okay to be leaving home and not knowing when they are coming back home.

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