Deep Thinkers 2.6

Sources: Doll Bones, By Holly Black, Page 114

Quote: Turning back to where the doll rested, outside the circle of poppy’s arms, he wondered about other impossible things, had a ghost really trashed their campsite? Was Eleanor watching him out of the Queen’s glass eyes? A chill shivered up his spine. Out in the middle of nowhere with an angry ghost and no idea how to get to her grave. Oh yeah, they were in trouble.

Context: The kids believe that there is this angry ghost named Eleanor is this doll they used as the queen in their games. They have run away to find her grave to make her not mad anymore. Zach can’t really understand if a ghost actually trashed their campsite or not.

This Makes Me Think: This ghost that is angry is it real is she real? Are the kids so sure it wasn’t a animal I mean they are out in the middle of nowhere.

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