Blog #5: Final Steelheart Post

From the story of Steelheart we learn a bit about heroes. In this story there are super-humans, and but unfortunately they aren’t all good. In the end, they are human just like everybody else. They have weaknesses, not all of them are nice, they all have flaws. What I love a lot in this book is that the real heroes don’t all have super powers. All they have are their wits, brains, and ambitions. I believe that is what makes a real hero.

I liked this book a lot actually. I wasn’t really sure if I was going to, but in the end, Sanderson got me sucked in and I had to finish the series. I loved David and Prof’s relationship. I love how David’s drive became more deep rather than just because Steelheart killed his dad. He started doing it for other people, and I think it’s because of the Reckoners. He finally had somebody to love and care about what happened to them. I wish in the end I had seen a bit more about how Megan reacted to coming back alive. I wish I could see how she is when she is reincarnated.

Me and my partner are going to talk about how power affects the characters. We are going to discuss How Prof becomes cruel, how when Megan stops using her powers she becomes good, and how Edmund can gift his powers instead of using them to stay good.

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