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Our soundtrack mostly revolves around the love triangle and the tone of the Zombie apocalypse. Songs that popped out at me that I believed to be essential to the book was Thriller, Danger Zone, and Another One Bites the Dust. These were all for the tone for parts in the book. The characters songs that I really liked were, Jessie’s Girl, Only One and If I Die Young.

I liked the setting and the idea of the book. I liked our playlist because of out choices in music and because we had fun making it.

I didn’t like the point of view of Mary in the book or theĀ  way it was written. I didn’t love the look of our PowerPoint for our playlist but it was okay.

The death of everybody made me kinda sad but I was mostly annoyed with the love triangle in the book. They made it seem so difficult and complicated when they all just should’ve been straight forward with one another.

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