Book Show and Tell #2

For my second Book Show and Tell I chose to read Ready Player One by Ernst Cline.

This is a story from the point of view of Wade Watts ,a teenager set in a futuristic era, in a run down town of Oklahoma city. The whole world seems to be enthralled with the OASIS. The OASIS is a full immersive, virtual reality where people live their lives more or less.

In the beginning of the book it introduces you to Wade and his whole life’s goal. The creator of OASIS put forward a quest when he died to find someone to take over as the owner of the OASIS. Wade spends as much of his time as he possibly can to find keys for the quest. He becomes obsessed and really does live the life of a true “gunter” ,a lone-wolf that looks for the keys and is true to the idea of the quest. In the book he’s poor in real life which transfers over to the OASIS life. This makes it almost impossible to leave his school planet. However this is what leads him to find and gain the first key in the quest but he was the second person to find it. This introduces Artemis.

Through many trials and adventures and being tracked and attacked by an evil corporation Wade and his friends fight their way through the adversity to make it to the final gate.

This has been one of my favorite books to read. It’s fun and entertaining. I loved this book. I was surprised at how much the book and movie are different. However, I enjoyed both the book and movie. I would recommend this book to anyone older then 16. Mostly for the language and some questionable content. I would given this a 10 out of 10 would recommend!



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