Symbols Blog#8

1) The Mockingjay encourages people to be brave, in the way, if we can do it you can too. It’s not just a symbol there’s power in it. It brings people together. A simple for justice is a powerful thing. The power in a symbol is given by the people. Symbols gives social justice movements of face or something to unite people. The American flag for example or just America for many people stands for freedom and opportunity.

2) people’s freedom is written about because it’s boring to write about a happy Society where nothing happens. People get bored that’s why some create drama or like to watch drama-tv and movies. Glowing people to be free is a tricky thing. Full Freedom – no consequences is anarchy and leads you into the social contract. The social contract is the idea of giving up so much freedom for protection by the government. However it’s a question in government of how much Freedom we need to give people. What might our leaders agenda be? Corrupt leaders tend to want and get more control. This is a God complex, their control of others satisfies this. allowing people more freedom is hard for those who believe people are born bad. Leaders who want more freedom for a people tend to believe that humans are born good.

3) I strongly believe in anti-bullying. We do the best we can to be aware we’re stop bullying if and or when it happens. I will join a cause if I believe in it. I don’t believe in joining a movement if I don’t know what it’s about or I don’t agree.

4) I’d be more upfront with Katniss because I think she would respond to it better. I would be very direct and truthful to Katniss about the situation going on. Tell her and let her be who she is; being genuine is important and you can’t fake Katniss’s personality.

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