In the book City of Ashes the character are, Clary Fray, Jace Morgernstern, Isabelle Lightwood, Alec Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Valentine Morgenstern. Lucian Graymark, Jocelyn fairchild, Rapheal Santiago and Maia Roberts.

Main/major: this character drives the plot. Minor: this is a small character. Static/flat: this character doesn’t change and is stereotyped. Dynamic/round: this character has good or bad changes. Protagonist: they are for change and is the good guy. antagonist: this character is against change. Nemesis: people can’t defeat this kind of foe. sidekicks: must be loyal and one specific way.

Some of the main characters in the book are Clary, Jace, Valentine, Simon. The sidekick in the book is Simon Lewis. And the most major character in the book is Clary Fray. The characters are trying to save the world from demons and they want to keep the shadowhunter race alive. The antagonist in the book is Valentine who is unleashing demons into the world. The nemesis is either Valentine or the demons who never stop coming.

parent/teacher conference

Dear mom, in english im reading City of Fallen Angels. on the 24th we have a book report due, i am doing the book report on City of Ashes because that was the first book i read. During our 20 minute reading time every day i read City of Fallen Angels. I read about 99% of the time, because i love my book. In class I try to read as much as I can.

During class I am very helpful to others, because I help them if they need help. We’re learning about different book genres and taking notes on them. My teacher is really fun and helps me learn. I am never too shy to ask if I need help.

My grade in english is an A! having a blue line on my grades means exceeds mastery, and green means mastery. I have two green lines and the rest are blue.


the setting of my book is a New York apartment. the main character lives with her uncle, luke in a small apartment in new york. the time of year is around August/ September and its usually very chilly. The mood is feeling very off and unsettling since the villian is after her and her mom who is in a coma. For breakfast they dont have much. but her uncle has a cup of coffee every morning. when the characters have dinner its pizza and soda, because they dont spend much time at home. Some of the book takes place in an old church or a ship.

declaring my book!

The book I chose to read is the second book in the shadowhunter mortal instruments series City of Ashes by Cassandra clare. I chose this book because my friend introduced me to the series and thought it amazing so I had to keep reading. I chose to keep reading this book because I love the fantasy genre of book, and the author of this book is my favorite author. I got this book and all the others of amazon.

a little about cassandra clare is that she was born July 27th 1973 in Tehan Iran. she is 44 years old and her real name is Judith rumelt. though she has written many other books The Mortal Instruments is her best seller. she now lives in western Massachusetts and her books have more than 36 million copies.

City of Ashes was copyrighted in 2008. I have the 2015 version, its good for me to know when it was copyrighted because then i know what technology they had such as the phone that the main character uses. The books that people who read City of Ashes mostly bought were the five other books in The Mortal Instruments series. The intended audience for this book is young adults and is about a 9th grade level. The book has 453 pages.

my favorite book!

my favorite book is the clockwork princess. the reasons that i love this book are because its an adventure book. it always has me on edge and has some romance along with magic, and demons. this book has 570 pages and i think that this book should be read by middle school girls who love romance and drama and adventure. the genre of this book is fantasy because it has magic, but it can also be adventure because the job of the main characters is to fight demons.

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