term four blog post

The book I chose to read was Shutter by Laurie Faria Stolarz. I chose to read this book because i just got it for free from a library event, I finally chose to read it and ended up really liking it.

The reading level for my book is young adult. The overall genre and problem of the book talks about more mature subjects. It’s a romance, and mystery novel. The main character, Day Connor is sixteen years old.

Laurie Faria Stolarz, the author of shutter has been on several lists for awards such as quick pick for reluctant leaders, and top ten teen pick list. Shutter was published in October 2016 and isn’t super well known, a few of her other books have been turned into tv shows, but not shutter.

Books and tests

Today we took our SRI test (standarized reading index test) my score was 1292. I feel like this is a pretty good score and im very happy with it. For my grade level, that score is above average!

For my last book report, i did across the universe, I really liked the story line of the book, it was interesting to read and see how the characters reacted. For my book report I liked the objects I brought, since they tied into the story line very well. What I didn’t like about my book report was that I didn’t have much color on the cover or in general. If I had magic I would have made some magical characters from my book come alive and tell everyone about their lives.

For term four im going to read a book called shutter. I decided to read this book because it seemed like it was a science fiction type book. which is the same genre as across the universe, im already almost done with this book and so far i’ve loved it!

Hero’s journey

My ordinary, everyday life is quite boring. I go to school, do homework, hangout with friends and spend time with my family. I’ve gotten into ukulele, and finding new ways to decorate my room. Until i got a call to adventure.

My call to adventure started out when i saw a video of a youtuber doing special effects makeup. I thought that it looked hard, yet amazing! I knew that it was something i could get into, to change up my everyday life. I tried, by putting nail polish on my hand, then i put a ripped up makeup wipe on top of that. I finished it off by coloring the inside blue and green, until I thought it looked like a mermaid scale.

I refused the call, by telling myself that it was fun while it lasted, but I really sucked and special effects makeup. I was tempted many times to try again, but refused every time.

My mentors were my friends and parents. When I told my mom I was going to stop doing special effects makeup, she told me how she had trouble learning her hobbies, so i shouldn’t give up on mine. my friends helped by always encouraging me to keep trying.

I finally kept trying, and now i have a special effects makeup kit. And my friends and i are even making a movie, which im doing the makeup for!

quick write

A time that i felt like my talents inspired or helped other were ballroom and ukulele. One time after a ballroo

m concert i had multiple people come up to me and tell me that the dancing that we did

inspired them, or calmed them. Another ballroom experience was when we went to a burn victim camp and taught them to dance. It was an amazing experience to go and talk with them and help them through the challenges they have gone through. It was fun to teach them to ballroom dance and make them happy. An experience with inspiring others was when i was writing a ukulele song about the experience i had gone through with being cyber bullied, later my cousin told me the song had inspired her to write songs herself.

A time that someone made me do something i really didn’t want to do was joining drama. I have always been really shy and was terrified to join drama knowing that i’d be performing in front of people who could judge me. I finally had my best friend convince me to join drama even though she wouldn’t be doing it with me. I was terrified to start, but ended up making the best friends ever in that class.


Over christmas break I went target shooting with my family. We went to the west desert and set up targets such as shaken soda bottles, paint cans and clay pigeons. My brother decided that for his 17th birthday we’d go to the hill aerospace museum, then shooting. Over the break I also went to the mall with a group of friends, we played around and played tag outside until it was time to go, it was a lot of fun!

The book i have chosen to read for term three is called across the universe. I chose this book because my best friend read it and suggested it to me, the author of my book is Beth Revis. The reading level of my book is young adult or fourteen and older i found this here. this is the author

A goal that im setting for this upcoming year is to keep organized and clean and care more for my friends needs. My room is not always the most organized, so that’s what i’d like to change this year. Last year i didn’t always notice if my friends were sad because i was thinking about my problems so i’d like to forget more of my problems and always be there for my friends.

Poem connections :)

The poem that I liked the most out of the few I read, was “The Anthem of Awesome” by Sekou Andrews. I liked this poem because of how it was saying stuff like you’re perfect in your own way, beautiful in your own way, and every wrinkle, and hair was a different story about your life. I felt like this poem was like me because sometimes I don’t feel pretty, or good about myself, but its saying that you’re pretty in your own way, this poem is like my theme song, because the song I chose was talking about how your perfect, and that’s the same idea of the poem. The picture on the right is inspiring to me because, a pretty forest, and I love going into the forest and I love nature. I feel like it represents me because the photo is being taken on a road, and I know right now i’m on the journey through life, the picture is beautiful and the forest usually relieves my stress.


One of the symbols in my book is something called a stele. A stele is a dagger like object that traces runes on the skin to protect the characters from harm. I think that the stele symbolises stength, since it can give the characters strength. Another symbol i wouldn’t expect is the characters clothes. In the book the characters wear all black tight fit clothes that are worn whilst fighting demons. this symbolises protection because they cover and protect them while in battle.

The front cover of my book has the main character on it holding a stele. Its marketed to girls because on the cover the girl is laying there holding a stele with her red hair flying. She is all in her shadowhunter gear and her stele is glowing. After reading the book I would proably change the cover to instead of the main character laying down, I would have her standing up ready to fight.

The theme of the book is learning to face your fears and be brave. The reason this is the theme is because the main character was just an ordinary girl, until she found out she was a demon hunter. She soon learns how to be brave and fight the terrible demons, and the villian who is actually her dad. I think that the author is teaching that its ok to fail. Clary, who is the main character, had a hard time learning how to fight the demons properly and learn the ways of the shadowhunters.

plot structure

In my book there are a few plot structures and the first one is a quest, the second is discovery, and the last one is pursuit. The plot structure is quest because the characters are looking for the mortal instruments which will help them save the shadowhunter race. Along this adventure they discover many things about the main characters identity and find out she is special. The final one is pursuit because they are chasing the villian who is trying to unleash demons on the world, so the characters must find him to stop him.

The first conflict of the book is when the main character gets attacked by a demon after her mom is put into a coma. The second conflict is when the main character realizes her mom was a demon hunter but never told her and is now kidnapped by the villian. The main conflict is when the main character figures out that the villian is her dad.

My favorite part of the book was when the main character has to go fight her dad to save her friends, and when her friends are busy fighting the demons that got unleashed and the main characters dad kidnapped her and killed her friend. My book had lots of plot structures and that was what made it so good.


In the book City of Ashes the character are, Clary Fray, Jace Morgernstern, Isabelle Lightwood, Alec Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Valentine Morgenstern. Lucian Graymark, Jocelyn fairchild, Rapheal Santiago and Maia Roberts.

Main/major: this character drives the plot. Minor: this is a small character. Static/flat: this character doesn’t change and is stereotyped. Dynamic/round: this character has good or bad changes. Protagonist: they are for change and is the good guy. antagonist: this character is against change. Nemesis: people can’t defeat this kind of foe. sidekicks: must be loyal and one specific way.

Some of the main characters in the book are Clary, Jace, Valentine, Simon. The sidekick in the book is Simon Lewis. And the most major character in the book is Clary Fray. The characters are trying to save the world from demons and they want to keep the shadowhunter race alive. The antagonist in the book is Valentine who is unleashing demons into the world. The nemesis is either Valentine or the demons who never stop coming.

parent/teacher conference

Dear mom, in english im reading City of Fallen Angels. on the 24th we have a book report due, i am doing the book report on City of Ashes because that was the first book i read. During our 20 minute reading time every day i read City of Fallen Angels. I read about 99% of the time, because i love my book. In class I try to read as much as I can.

During class I am very helpful to others, because I help them if they need help. We’re learning about different book genres and taking notes on them. My teacher is really fun and helps me learn. I am never too shy to ask if I need help.

My grade in english is an A! having a blue line on my grades means exceeds mastery, and green means mastery. I have two green lines and the rest are blue.