Character casting

We have been given an assignment to cast our book characters. To play the main character


Image result for simon lewis shadowhunters Day Connor, I would have Margot Robbie play her. in the book it says the day “has the palest blue eyes i’ve ever seen.” she also has “pale skin” There is not much describing of what Day looks like, but I think Margot Robbie would be a good actress.

For casting the villian, I would cast Theo James to play Jullian. the book says ” tan skin, broad shoulders, and standing at least six feet tall.” it also says “behind dark waves of hair that have

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fallen in front of his eyes.” they both share physical attributes.

To play the character Max, i have chosen Dylan O’brien. they both have black hair and dark brown eyes.


For the other random character I will cast Anne Hathaway to play Day’s friend, Jeannie. “lopsided dark chocolate bob” it also says “tall and skinny eve

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n after eating practically the whole store.” and finally, “I pulled out my camera and zoomed in, noticing the small tear falling out of her brown eyes.” i think that Anne would be a great actress for Jeannie.




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