February 7

Midterm blog post

      Dear Mom and Dad.


I have checked Skyward and noticed that I have all A’s and only two -A minuses this means that all of my scores are colored Blue. I need to work a little harder on history, and math. Otherwise I am doing really well on all of my other classes. I have also taken my reading Index test and got a score of 1101 this score means that I am in a reading level just a little above 8th grade. Also my book report is due in 24 days, I am doing it about the book called The fate of ten which is the 6th from the “I am number four series” I have already finished the book and made an other blog for it to see it click  here. During the 20 minutes of in class reading time I now read the book titled “The false prince“, out of the 20 minutes I read about 99.9% of the time.

During class I pay attention to what I need to do and often raise my hand or go ask the teacher about anything I maybe didn’t understand or need clarified, I am also most of the time on task and do my best to learn and do all my work by concentrating on what I need to do and how I need to do it.

In conclusion I have been doing a good job in my opinion and in the opinion of some of my teachers who have given me the student of the week award. I also intend to keep working hard and doing my best.


-Sincerely Joel