April 29

Book Write # 5

  •  Important Objects

          A special object I would say is a rock that in the book is described as “imitators gold”. This is significant because the prince received this rock from his father, who told him to keep it and that it would help him get back on the throne when the time is right.This symbolizes I think his identity because he is also pretending to be someone he is not, and without the rock he never would have become king.

  • The front cover

        In the cover on the first book there is the picture of a broken crown and it is not the crown of a king, but the one of a prince. When you read the book you realize why the crown is broken, and it’s because the prince had been “Killed” and the new one is supposed to be false, but it turns out that he is still alive. On the cover of the second book there is a broken sword, and even though I haven’t finished the book it appears that it’s because the king, now the prince from the first book, has to leave the throne and be replaced by someone else, because of threats against him, until he is old enough to return.

  • Who were they marketing the book to?

         I would say that both of the books were mostly marketed for boys, because the color on the background, blue, is mostly used for boys and the crown doesn’t look as fancy,or delicate as the one a princess might wear. Also on the second book the background color, green, is mostly used for boys and the broken sword is something that could also represent war and make boys more interested on the book.

  • Would I change the cover?

          Now that I have read the book I would change the crown on the cover from the first one to maybe not a broken one, but a worn out crown to show the absence of the prince. On the second book on the other hand I’m not sure if I’ve read enough to know if the cover should change or not.



April 22

Book Write # 4

  • Plot Structure

    The plot structure is “Discovery”, because in the first book you find out at the end that as secrets start to show, and the day when the prince will be chosen gets closer the reader finds out that Sage was actually the prince through the whole book, but he was in disguise and had waited years for the moment he would return to the throne. It also gives a good chapter or two about what had happened to Sage in the past that made him go into hiding, and about the way that his life was before all that happened. In the second book you start to find out how Sage feels after having been crowned King and how it is affecting him personally. I think the only smaller conflict is “Revenge” because before Sage becomes prince Roden is chosen, but Conner changes his mind and pics Sage instead.This becomes revenge when Roden and Cregan try to take Sage’s place the hard way, and when on the second book Roden joins the pirates in order to destroy Carthya.

  • Conflict

    The conflict in the ” Ascendance Trilogy” is “Person to Person” , because in the first book Sage has to compete against Tobias and Roden when they are training at Conner’s house to become the prince, this happens for most of the book and lets the reader familiarize with the main character, as he is constantly getting hurt and losing. In the second book it’s the same, but they add a little of ” Person against society” because his regents and people in his kingdom don’t really trust him as a king. The pattern that the books are following I think is only “Person to Person”, and “Person against society” so far, because Sage is always going against some one in a fight, or politically as king.

  • My Favorite Part

    My favorite part is when the book reveals that Sage is actually the prince, and that he had been in hiding for 4 years waiting for the perfect time to become King. I like this part because it later helps Sage gain more allies, and it helps him greatly in becoming King. It also allows him to arrest Conner for all of his wrong doings, and it helps him pay back his friends for all that they did for him when he was at Farthenwood. This is also where it becomes easier to understand why Sage had been chosen as prince, even though he hadn’t trained or succeeded as much as Roden and Tobias had.Here the book also reveals why Sage had made specific choices earlier in the books, such as pretending to be from Avenia and hiding his knowledge about Carthya.

April 11

Book Write # 3



         The  story takes place on the country of “Carthya”. At the beginning they are in the city of “Gelvings” for some time, but then they move into “Dyrlliad” which is actually the capitol of ” Carthya”, and then to Conner’s house, ” Farthenwood”, that is located “several miles outside the town of ‘Tithio’. ” 

  • Time of Year

         In the book it doesn’t talk much about the time of year or weather, but it sometimes does talk about the air feeling cold at night, or flowers on the ground, as well as the sun shinning brightly,  so I would say that it mostly takes place on spring, and then goes into summer.

  • Climate

        The weather mostly is sunny, with a slight breeze on the afternoons that they spend training, and it sometimes talks about the cold air at night when Sage sneaks out of his room through the window.This is why I know that the weather is that of spring and maybe moving into summer.

  • Mood/Atmosphere

         The book mostly makes the reader feel curiosity, excitement, and at times even sarcastic or suspenseful. It could also make him/her laugh or feel gloomy, depending on the place and situation the main character is in.One of them is when Sage is taken to the dungeon, where there is no light, and he is not fed for a couple of days, this would make the reader feel gloomy, or maybe anger. This is also how Sage feels when he is training, in the dungeon, and at Farthenwood.