September 29

What Have I Been Reading?

The book that I am reading right now is titled “Eldest” and is the second book of the Inheritance Cycle. In this book the main character, Eragon, is now living inside a mountain with a secret organisation of revels in order to train with them and develop his skills as a dragon rider, but after some time he will have to complete his training in the secret city of “Ellesmera” with the elfs. The problem is that the group of revels have been attacked and Eragon must stay to help return things back to normal before he can  continue his training. I like this book because it mentions some pretty cool creatures like dragons, and it has a bit of suspense. Something I don’t like about this book is that some of the events happen slowly, and I’m not very patient. I would recomend this book because it’s fun to read and I like the suspence and some of the action.

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September 21

What kind of writer am I ?

As a writer I think what I’m best at is giving evidence, and explaining what the quotes are about. In the other hand though I don’t really like writing, because I think it’s kind of hard and boring.The things that I need to improve on are writing faster, and summarizing  everything, but I plan to improve on those things by paying more attention to them as I write more and more in this class, I will also pay attention to the way other people do these things and try to learn from them. Essay writing is very helpful though, because it can help us express to others what we think without having to go and tell everyone in person, it can also help our teachers know how we are doing in our reading skills.     Related image

September 12

why we tell stories

Since the beginning of time humankind has written and told stories to their kids and other family members mostly to teach them important lessons, or ideas, as well as religious concepts, this lets us see that they have always been a part of our culture and really more than just a hobby, now most of the stories we read about in books are for entertainment, but we like to read them because we love to have those wonderful experiences we read about, and the best part is that we don’t need to physically go anywhere. We have also found records and stories about the the things that have happened earlier in history, and some as far as earlier civilizations, this can help us learn about the past and about history.

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