October 26

The Sticky issue of Equality

When we say that everyone is equal we mean especially in status, rights, and opportunities. As stated in the Declaration of Independence among the rights that we all have are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is referring to things like voting, owning property, and the right to be able to act or be done as one wishes. The government can secure these rights by allowing the people to vote when something is decided, and passing laws that will not affect anybody specifically. Other things like the way we look, act, and even our wealth and resources are things that are not always the same on, and we don’t really have a say in much of them.


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October 24

How I Did During First Term

This term I feel like I did pretty good in this class, because I turned in all of my assignments on time and got good grades on them. My gratest success It think was that I got a good grade on my essays, because writing essays is kind of hard for me and I don’t like them at all. Something that I need to improve on is reading my book, because I didn’t really pay attention to that during this first term. My goal is to read at least one chapter every day, so that I can get caught up and put my name on the 50 book challenge wall.


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October 5

75 Years From Now

75 Years from now I think the world will have better advances in medicine, and in technology. This would mean that there will be a high demand on doctors,nurses, and especialists in technology like engineers, programers and software developers. I also think that the world might have better ways of transportation and avoiding polution, but we might still have major problems like wars, or global warming. I think we will also have more major discoverins such as better ways of making fuels, or to increase the earths carring cappacity for a longer time period.  We might also have better technology for exploring space in new undiscovered ways.



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October 3

Freewrite-Engregious and Havoc

I woke up this morning only to be filled with an agregious feeling when I realized That I would miss the bus if I didn’t hurry and get ready for the day. Once I had gotten dresed I brushed my teeth and moved quicky towards the kitchen table where I witnessed a scene of havoc. The table was covered in cereal and there was milk spiling out of the carton, but the worst was when I realised that my little brother was causing all of this and didn’t look like he wanted to stop any time soon. I hurried toward the sink and took a wet rag in order to clean the mess, but my agregious little brother took it from me and ran up stairs.


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