February 14

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The quote I picked is:”Tellin’ the truth’s not cynical is it?” — “The way you tell it, it is” this quote is found in page (244). I first wanted to find out what “cynical” means so I looked it up and got this:”believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.” I think this is interesting because a lot of the time we seem to think that when ever we tell on someone or “snitch” people look at us like we have done something VERY wrong, and I think that that is not so, but that we are helping that person by informing someone who will be able to stop them from doing something they souldn’t. By doing this we help them understand what they did is wrong and the consequences that could have come because of their choices. I relate this to what Dill said because he was informing them of what his aunt does and most little kids tend to do the same about their family members. In the other hand I do think that we should try not to make the person feel bad when we do this, but that we should help them with empathy and love.

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