March 2

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

The book- The book starts out by giving us information on maycomb county, and scout’s family. Then it gives reasons to why they think everything happened before it dives into the story. The plot gets complicated when most of the explaning has happened and we have a better understanding on how things work. It begins by giving more details on how bad raisism was back then and how it affected everyone. Sounds like most readers like the book after they have finished it, and I personally think that the book really does live up to it’s reputation, because it really lets you experience the way that things were, and how everything worked back then. Also it allows the reader to see how bad rasism was, and that there were people who did something about it. The way that the book is written is very intersting to me because the children are very polite, and they talk like adults. It also has some words that are written in the same way that people talked back then. This gives the book  a better feeling and it kind of makes you feel as if you were speaking with the characters in the book.I would totally recomend this book to anyone who is looking for something intersting to read, or just something that would increase their knowledge about the South in the 1930s.

The movie-The film did well in representing the book because they did give the feeling of the South at that time, and even though they skipped a lot of  the stuff they kept the most important things. My favorite part is when Scout, Jem, and Dill go into the Radley place, but I think they should have payed more attention to the part where Jem leaves his pants and goes back to get them. The most powerful scene in my oppinion is when Atticus is talking to the jury and tryes to get them to do the right thing by the end of the book. I recomend this book to anyone who would like to have a better understanding of the way that things were back then, and how bad racism really is.

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