April 25

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

Teachers should continue to teach their students about Shakespeare, because he is considered the greatest writer in the english language, and that is pretty big, also it would be helpful for students to know about him and his works in the future. Many might say that his writing is too hard, but that is a good thing because it will help students to strengthen their literature, and reading skills. Others also say that what he wrote is too old and not relevant to the way things are today, but if you really think about it much of the same things that he wrote about still happen today, maybe not in the same ways but close enough that you can recognize them when you see them, and if you know what to look for. After all it would also be cool just to be able to say that you have read his plays and that you understand what they mean, so even though it might seem like it’s just a waste of your time knowing about Shakespeare and the plays he wrote it will actually be more of an advantage for you.  In the meantime you might even come to like his plays, and see that they weren’t all that bad after all.