May 10


To hate is to feel intense or passionate dislike for someone, but some people can take it too far and it may not even be for a good reason. I understand that it can be hard to get along with some people, but I don’t think that anyone should hate anyone as bad as the families in Romeo and Juliet do. In that case it went way too far. I honestly don’t think that I hate anyone, but I did have a friend who after a while I noticed wasn’t as good of a friend as I thought he was, and he began to try to bully me so I came to really dislike him and his family. After all though I knew that it wasn’t good to keep things like that so I did what I could to get him to stop and asked him what his problem was, so he apologized and so did I. Once we had done this, things weren’t exactly back to normal but they definitely got better, so people who are experiencing the same thing should just try to look at the bright side of things and come up with a compromise that will make things better.


Posted May 10, 2018 by Joel in category Writer's Notebook

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