May 13


I started this project thinking i was gonna B.S. the crap out of it but i ended up learning a lot. I learned about how Malaysia has an intense work ethic, how much nationalism they have in their
bowls team. I feel like I have developed a strong connection to this country due to this project. In fact after seeing pictures it has definitely made my bucket list. It has such a pretty landscape and they have so much culture that its kinda cool. I love seeing how different our lives are!

May 10


My poem is about love in the country of Malaysia and it basically summarizes the anti gay position there. it’s very strong about how they feel about love between male and female and that is clearly shown in the poem

April 22

News article

Malaysian Bowls team took home the world competition trophy just a few weeks ago. Bowls is a mix of croquet and bowling. The malaysian team is a very invested team and the only bowls team in the world that is funded by their government completely. they also said it was easy for them to win. While bowls may not be a big sport, they sure are the best team by far.

April 22

background information

Malaysia’s capital city is Kuala Lampur. They speak their native language of Malay. career and work ethic in Malaysia are the highest in the world. When given the choice, 63.9% of workers in Malaysia said they would rather be working than not working. 69% say that they spend their vacation time working. Malaysia is a very productive coutry.

March 28

Malaysia Blog

I chose to do Malaysia because I didn’t know what country to do and Emma said to do Malaysia with her so she could get help. She chose Malaysia because it s a “pretty country” but for the most part I’m Pretty sure she just chose it because her friend swan is from Malaysia.

Here is a picture for you: