ᛋᚨᛖ ᚹᚻᚨᛏ.~ #16.2! – Omnipotent

Source: Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians Bük Five The Dark Talent By: Alcatraz Smedry Pg. 278

Quote: “She was incredible, but she wasn’t omnipotent.”

In THEIR words:


almighty or infinite in power, as God.

having very great or unlimited authority or power.
In MY words: Very very very very very powerful

Emerson’s Alcatraz Afterword

After all 1,615 pages of shenanigans, lenses, librarians, talents, Smedrys, and adventures, I gotta say, the ending sucked.

What I mean by that is that I didn’t like that ending. Shattering glass, I loved the books but the fifth is a real downer. I don’t like sad endings to book very often but this one was bearable*. I thought it was eye opening almost. I did enjoy the letter at the end, Intriguing. The first was lovely, exactly what you would expect from any GOOD autobiography; random and enjoyable. Number two was good two just a little slow. The third was really exciting. The fourth was my favorite, it really continued the story line like an episode at the end of a season. The fifth was super good until the end and then it gets more dark than any of the other books in the series, it was unfortunate. I’d like to write an ending that would make it slightly better. I can’t though, it wouldn’t be true.


რა თქვი #15.2 – Gamboge

Source: Read the last Say What* Pg. 223

Quote: “Gamboge,” yes really

In THEIR words:



Also, cambogia. a gum resin from various Asian trees of the genus Garcinia, especially G. hanburyi, used as a yellow pigment and as a cathartic.

yellow or yellow-orange.

In MY words: Gum resin or yellowish orange?

*I guess it was more of a क्या कहना

क्या कहना #14.2 – Nonplussed

Source: Alcatraz AGAIN! Why do you want to know so bad? Pg. Wait why would I tell you that it’s on page 218 By: Alcatraz Smedry

Quote: I glanced at Dif, who looked rather nonplussed

In THEIR words:



to render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely.

a state of utter perplexity.
In MY words: puzzled, confused

見えない (не видно)

I believe conor wanted to be seen because he couldn’t take being the one that everyone just ignores because his has cancer. It’s nerve racking to not be known. He is pushing away all the people who see him because they aren’t the ones he wants to see him, they aren’t what he needs right now. It made him feel better to be punished because he was compressing all that bullying into a corner of his mind and he let it all out by letting himself be punished and everyone seeing it. The monster is real in the same sense that fear is real. He came to conor because he was afraid to tell anyone that he was living in heck and this is part of the fear of telling anyone that he was being bullied. It’s important to be seen because if we aren’t then we start to feel lost in a sense and we can’t find a way to get back to our friends. In order to be seen again you need to talk to them eye to eye and say that you feel opressed. This may not fix it instantly but it starts you back on that road. If you’re not going forward you’re gonna go backward.

ምን አልክ? #13.2 – Defenestrated

Source: Alcatraz 5 pg. 202 By: Alcatraz Smedry

Quote: “That’s why all those animals got eaten, mangled, beheaded, crushed, and defenestrated.”

In THEIR words: to throw (a person or thing) out of a window.*

In MY words: When you lose on Fortnite and you have to let all that anger out so you chuck your controller out the window.

*From now on assume I’ve been using dictionary.com except for the weasel one alright?


沉思者 #3.2

Source: Alcatraz Versus The Evil Librarians Book Five The Dark Talent By: Alcatraz Smedry Pg. 160

Quote: “Searching infinity twice as fast didn’t seem like it would get us anywhere, but Grandpa was still probably right.”I’ll take Dif and Draulin,””

This made me think…IF you were to search half of infinity what would be left? How can you split infinity in half? I asked the internet and here’s what it said, *Ahem* 

An easy way to visualize it in a real life way is to think about the set of all counting numbers, N = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…}

There are infinitely many of them, but if we only took the set of even numbers, {2, 4, 6, 8…}, the set would also be infinitely large, despite only including half of the counting numbers.

😐 wot

I understand it but, uh, nevermind. If you half infinity it looks like this ∞/2 so if we slice it in half then it looks like this    o

OOOOOH! I get it. It still makes no sense at all. But when life gives you lemons…………………………………………you get this ^

LEMONS heh this was an awful say what.