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Term 4 Blog post

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I chose the book: Gears of Revolution because it is the second book in the series. I read the first book last term and really enjoyed it so I wanted to read the second one!

Gears of Revolution (Mysteries of Cove)

The reading level of this book is grades 4-6. The main character is 14.

The Author won 0 awards for this book series. I would say that the amount of love that went into this book is what makes it special.

My score

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My score for the reading index test was 1191. This means I am reading at an 11th grade level.

My book report is still unfinished. The book I read was really good though! The book is called Mysteries of Cove Fires of Invention. I like this book because it kept me interested in the story through the whole book.

My plans for term 4 are to read Mysteries of Cove Gears of Revolution and do a good book report on time and get a good grade!

3rd Term Update

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My Christmas break was fun. I got a nintendo switch with Mario Odyssey. I also got a robot making kit where you can build and program a robot. I programmed it to be able to move around and do tricks. I got a whole bunch of candy as well as some money from extended family (mainly grandma. Love you grandma) My dad also got me a CTR bracelet which is AWESOME it has magnets that attach to close.
The book I chose was Mysteries of Cove fires of invention. I chose this book because my friend recommended it to me and because it sounded cool based on what he told me. The author is J Scott Savage. The recommended age is 10+ and the recommended grade is 4-6.
One goal i have fro this year is to spend less time inside on electronics and more time outside with friends. This is just something I want to do because I haven’t been able to hang out with them as often because I spent too much time on electronics.

My BioPoem

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 1: John

 2: I am tall, funny, kind, and truthful

 3: I am the Son of Kevin A. Zebroski and Jennine M. Zebroski

 4: I Love my trombone, all of my friends, my family, and the idea of everyone being happy

 5: I feel happiness, concern, and a want to work

 6: I fear losing his friends and family, bad grades, failing without fixing mistakes afterward

 7: I am in Symphonic and Jazz band which are advanced and honor level classes.

 8: I want to see humans colonize Mars and the moon, space, and I want to experience anti-gravity

 9: I live at 693N 960W

10: Zebroski

End of T1 – Metacognition

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This term, when I read, I took the entire term. I definitely could have managed my time much better. I didn’t really make it comfortable for myself. Next quarter I will definitely manage my time better. I’m going to make it easier on myself to get more work done.

The blogs were kinda hard to remember to do unless you did them on time in class, which I think I did. For the most part, I managed my time pretty well for the blogs.

I liked the fact that I was able to know very well what I should put in the bag made me feel better about the whole thing. I wish I was more open and confident while presenting. If I had to do it over again, I think I would prepare better than I did the first time around.

If I could redo the first term. I would definitely tell myself to care more about work. Also, I would have managed time much better.

Symbolism & Theme

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The important objects in my book are space ships and computers. These objects symbolize space travel and intelligence. They use the space ships to get to space stations and other places in space. Computers are mainly used for communication. Either to government or to friends.

Based on the cover of my book, Space travel and war is the most important about my book. also based on the cove r of my book, it is marketed to boys and men. It has a space ship on it, the letters are in bold print and there are mostly dark colors on it. I would not change the cover. It matched the book very well.

The theme of the book was that space travel, while amazing and a awesome thing to think about, can be very dangerous and can have its flaws. So can teenage boys…



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The two basic plot structures of my book are man vs man and man vs technology. The reason for this is that there are wars between people and fleets of ships. Nuclear bombs are being dropped on countries like rain drops.

The main conflict is between man and man though. This s because towards the end of the book a character named Achilles fought Ender, trying to get him to kill Achilles. Some smaller conflicts are between the characters, such as the fact that Ender may never see his family again or lead a normal life after he helps colonize a new planet.

My favorite part is the strategy on both sides, the futuristic technology, and the constant war to decide fate. I love to read and learn about strategy in war and how the victors were victorious.


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My book is Ender in Exile. There are 8 types of characters to a book. Main/Major, Minor, Static/Flat, Dynamic/Round, Protagonist, Antagonist, Nemesis, and Sidekick. The definition of a main character is the character of the story that is central to the story. Everything revolves around them. The main/major character in my book is Ender. A minor character is almost a major character, but the minor character isn’t focused on as much by the story. They may develop their own back story and show up a lot, but they are not the main character. A Minor character in my book is Valentine.

A static character is a character that stays the same throughout the entire book. They don’t change ever. A Dynamic character that changes throughout the book. This can be any character in the book. A protagonist is basically just a main character who needs to do something in the book, but the antagonist is the one who gets in the protagonist’s way.

A nemesis is different from an antagonist, because and antagonist is defeatable, but the a nemesis is undefeatable. however, a nemesis doesn’t always have to be a person or character. a nemesis can be failure, a disease, anything that is a block in the protagonist’s progression and is undefeatable. Sidekicks are usually a static character and help out the main character. They are usually also dependable to be loyal.


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The definition of setting is the time, place, mood, and climate. In the book Ender in Exile, The time is late fall at the beginning of the school year on earth. (No information as to where on earth) The mood is sad & confused and the climate is cold.

I know the time the book takes place in is fall because The character, Valentine Wiggins, has just started the next school year. She is writing essays and doing homework and complaining about her teachers because she is so much smarter than them.

Most of the characters are on earth. The mother, father, brother, and sister are on earth. Ender is in space. He just came back from saving the world and is saying goodbye to his comrades. His family cannot decide whether Ender should come home or stay in space.

The reason being, If he comes home and starts going to school, he could never have a normal life with everyone asking him how and why he saved the earth from aliens who tried to invade. However, if his parents let him stay out in space, They would probably never see him again.

Declaring my book

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The title of my book is  Ender in Exile. I chose this book because my friends were suggesting it to me and it looked cool, so I checked it out. My friends told me about the book a little bit and it sounded awesome. I found it in the Library in our school.

My book’s author’s name is Orson Scott Card. Here’s his website. He is 66 years old and is a professor of English in South Virginia University. He is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Card has 5 children (2 deceased) and a wife named Kristine Allen Card. His kids were all named after authors he and his wife admired. He likes the Sci-fi show Firefly and he usually writes in the Science Fiction genre.

His book, Ender in Exile was copyrighted in 2008 and this means it could be written differently than books written today, so iit could be more interesting

A similar book to this is the book Antarctic Gene. I’d say the book Ender in Exile is an 8th grade reading level. My book has 369 pages. (377 counting the afterward)

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