Book declaration term 2

For this term I’ve chosen to read Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan this book was published in 2005 by miramax books I chose to read this book because I saw it on my shelf all dusty and I said to myself this is a good book it can’t just be laying here in the dust! Then I thought I could take this and read it in English! It has 377 pages and Percy Jackson is the main character.

Rick Riordan wrote my book my book was written in 2005 in New York. He likes to play video games with his kids, and his name is pronounced Ryer-dan, he was born in Texas.

The plot is basically, he’s a troublemaker at school but then he figured out that he is the son of Poseidon then he is sent to this camp where there’s a bunch of other kids like him and that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. The conflict is that Zeus’s lightning bolt has been stolen and he’s the suspected person that stole it. I think that he’s probably gonna find who stole the bolt and everyone will calm down and he’ll probably gain some friend’s at this camp.


Setting in Treasure Island

I read Treasure Island by Robert Louis Steven it’s placed in August 1700 along the coast of western England then they eventually go to the sea and end up on a secret island.

Well, in the book it gets pretty stormy a lot of the time because for one reason half the book they were on the sea. Also, it got stormy because he was staying at an inn right next to the sea so it gets pretty stormy by the sea sometimes cause of the humidity.

basically it tells the story of Jim, a young boy who watches over an inn in an English seaside town with his mother and his really ill father. A new guest at the inn, Bill, terrifies everyone at the inn with his raunchy sea songs and threats of violence.

Bill falls ill and dies just as pirates descend on the inn to kill Bill and to ransack his things. Just before the pirates can burst in and find Jim and his mom, the two of them escape with a number of coins and a pouch. Jim finds out that there is a treasure map hidden in the pouch.

After showing this map to the doctor that waited on his father and Bill, Dr. Livesey, the doctor and his friend Squire Trelawney decide to set sail to uncover the treasure.

Book declaration term 1

For this term I have chosen to read Found written by Margaret Peterson this book was published in 2008 by scholastic. I chose to read this book cause I like reading mystery books and I really like the suspense that it’s giving. I recommend this book.

I’m reading Found by Margaret Peterson, she grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio. She graduated from Miami University, with degrees in English\ Creative writing. She used to work as a newspaper.

I expect that there’s going to be a weird space time continuum thing going on where like the plane like went through some weird changes so that’s why everyone on that plane was a baby. The conflict is that they don’t know why everyone on that plane was a baby. The genre is a mystery.

All about me 2019

This year i am excited about Christmas mostly because i’m getting my new long board on Christmas and I really like long boarding so i just can’t wait till I get a new one cause right now i have a really old one so it’s all broken up and stuff.

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