Steelheart’s backstory

It’s a boy (cries of a new born baby)! “Honey he looks just like you.” I think “I’m going to have to agree with her professor”, said the head doctor. “Doctor we’re losing her.” Let her get some air as I watched my new son be born and my beautiful wife dying right before my eyes within the matter of minutes. Ten minutes later they lost her and was pronounced dead at 11:46. A number I that will always haunt me as one of the greatest and worst days of my life.

Years went on seeing my wife in the son we both had. He was three and already I could tell that he had an amazing brain waiting to filled with his eager for knowledge . He was always curious of what made things work like cars and planes. As time went on I became more and more developed in my studies of why these what we called “Epics” were coming about. We’ve been able to capture of few to figure out their origins, powers, and weaknesses.

We managed to figure out some of the powers these “Epics” contained and ┬ástarted marking them into categories based on what they could do. Yet is seems odd that almost all of the ones we’ve run tests on have different weaknesses to their powers. We create a liquid of their weakness and serve them it. In form of food or something as a drink. My poor boy Jack it’s been seven years since I’ve seen him. I get pictures and we communicate through common ways like webcams or calling. He’s already ten and I see so much potential in him.

Well after all the test we seem to run, we just keep digging a deeper and deeper hole into our research. Only good news coming from these horrible human beings is that we are making huge progresses in technology. The government wants a lot of it to into weaponry, yet I see how this could potentially better the everyday lives of Americans. Maybe the world. It saddens me that I missed Jack’s eighteenth birthday. I just got held back from my research, but I told him he can come visit anytime to see what I do.

Few weeks later pass, Jack finally was able to get time off from his job as a mechanic in a car garage that restores old cars. I was planning on showing him absolutely everything I could about the facility I worked at. I showed him the weapon testing room, the cells where we kept the epics, to even the bathrooms (that’s the most important one to me). I left him in my research lab as one of my colleagues asked if i could give him a hand with a box. I come back into the room and all smooth steel with beakers and all glassware broken. It was a massive mess. I looked over and saw that Jack remained unconscious on the floor. I ran over to him screaming, “JACK”! There was no response until all of a sudden he got up and looked at me. He said, ” Dad I’m different now please forgive me for what I’m going to do”. That was the last thing he said to me…

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