Everybody Was Finally Equal!

Harrison Bergeron was really explaining our life’s today. How if someone is doing exceptional or very well in life we bring them down or make them feel like there doing something wrong with being outstanding from everyone else. For example, all the millionairs in life, who work hard and earn every dime they have, we tax them a ton money because we don’t like how successful they are and how much they are making. Same with kids in school … if a kid works really hard and always turns his stuff in on time and has amazing grades, instead of congratulating him/her of there excellence we put them down with name calling, and stupid remarks like, “do you have a life” and crap like that. That is truly what I think Harrison Bergeron was trying to tell us.

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

After finishing our fourth short story of the year, my last story was “The Landlady” by Roald Dahl. It is about a landlady who houses these guest and basically a lot goes down, but to sum it up, she ends up abusing there trust. This story doesn’t exactly relate to me for obvious reasons, such as I have never been taxidermy, but I have had my trust abused tons of times. Like one time my little brother was traveling to Florida for a basketball tournament, and he wanted to take my brand new xbox with him, to have something to do in between games and crap like that. So after a lot of convincing I let him take it. I trusted him a lot by letting him take this. I get a face time call from him when he was on his way back home five days later and he had dropped my xbox and in broke into tons of pieces. I was so mad at him, he ended up buying me a new one, but I will never be letting him barrow my stuff anymore.

“Free! Body and soul free!”

What being trapped is and what can make others feel trapped are things like loneliness and depression. Those things can make a person feel trapped inside. Also things like physical appearances and body types can make a person locked up inside, and to truly get away from things like that and stop feeling trapped inside, is to have confidence in your self and just breaking out of your shell. Just being your self and not being afraid. What being free truly means to me is that your free of stress and free of all things holding you back to do the things that you love and being the person you want t0 be.

The First Story I Read

The short story I got assigned is “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. It is a very Interesting and a bit confusing short story. It similar to the well known book and movie the “Hunger Games”. The short story started off with how everyone prepared for the big draft day, once everyone got ready and met at the town square. It was time to draw names. Mr. Summers started the meeting off with a intimidating vibe. Families basically “captains” would go up to the black box and draw papers.  Everyone was so nervous and timid to even walk up, at this point there wasn’t even really a purpose to why there was even a meeting. All I could do was make predictions and connections, and keep reading. The story then took a big twist and was totally unpredictable. I personally disliked this short story because of how confusing it was, and what happened at the end. But it was completely bad.

What I’ve Been Reading

Currently I am finishing up  Jason Reynolds track series. At the end of eighth grade I read the first book in the series Ghost, then in the summer I read Patina which is the second book in the series. Now i’m reading the third book in the series Sunny. Sunny is  a good book, it’s interesting, can get very confusing at times, but for the most part it is a really entertaining book. I appreciate our reading time in class especially since it’s the first class and i’m sort of tired and just reading is a good brain alarm clock to get me going. The part i’m at in the book right now is fairly boring so i’m as excited as I usually would be to just read it, but it’s not so bad.

I Can Use Figurative Language!

My morning has been super rough, like a brick wall. I woke up and I absolutely dread going to school. After I finally woke up to my alarm clock annoyingly yelling at me. I got out of bed and walked slowly like a zombie to the bathroom. I twisted the knob in the bath tub as my shower head began to cry, I hopped in the shower and quickly washed up and dried off. I walked back to my room, still tired as if I have been awake for years. I barely had my eyes open while I picked out my clothes and got dressed, I grabbed my bag and walked up the stairs like I was blind, only to see my little brother bull dozing though bowls of cereal and my sister, tying my all little siblings shoes like she was mom. We finally all hustled out the door like an army, and made our way to school

What Will the Future Be Like?

In the future, in about seventy five years to be exact, I believe everything thing will be computer based and almost everything will be robotic. We could be able to buy new robotic limbs to help us in every aspect of life. So then sports events become who is the richest and can buy the best limbs so they can preform better then the rest of players. Things like cooking will go extinct, robots will do it for us. Flying cars won’t be real just yet but we will have hovering cars, and be on the break through to flying cars. Day to day life will so much more easy for the rich and average people. They will wake up and have breakfast made for them. Won’t have to take their kids to school because and self controlling hovering car will. Everything little bit a labor will be minimized because of robotic technology. But for the poor it will be rough to get back on your feet, because most on the jobs will be taken up from computers and robots, and they won’t have the money to get all the new technologies that the rich will have so there worth will go down. But all in all I think in the future about 75 years to be exact, that most of everything will be computer based and robotic technologies will blossom.

“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

This poem is very meaningful in so many ways, and it’s in so little writing. It’s crazy how she can take beautiful things like birds chirping, and trees growing and relate it to war and blowing each other up. I think what Sara Teasdale was trying to say was, like go a head and blow each other up, it’s not gonna solve anything. The world will keep spinning and birds will still whistle on low fence wire, spring will still come around and bloom flowers with or without us. Nature still moves on. This poem was published nearly 100 years ago and still is very meaningful to this day. Sara Teasdale’s poem still applies for any wars or fights we might get in today for any country, no one is not included when it comes to this poem. It’s interesting how she wrapped war and killing with things like nature and heart warming things that make so much sense. She choose theses words so she can make you more understanding to what this means. Things that we love and wake up with every morning such as nature will  move on and not wait for us if we are gone.

Small Improvements and 1% Gains

In the article the coach made 1% gains and improvements to his team everyday and at the time it felt as if it didn’t make a difference at all. But as the years went on those one percent gains added up to a big total, and they went on to win the whole entire event with in three years. I feel like if I would start doing one percent gains to my physical body by changing the way I eat just a little everyday, by going more green and plant based meals. My body as a whole would become stronger, healthier, and can endure more. I can’t wait to get started.

My Reading Journey

                    Growing up I hated reading, I never ever read books, like I was allergic. Up until about seventh grade when I found a good book called Ghost, my all time favorite book. I actually started to like reading a little bit more, then I read the second book in that series, and then I really started to like reading. Then I began to read all of Jason Reynolds books such as The Long Way Down, and Miles Morales Spiderman. Reading has been great since then, I watched this documentary on my favorite basketball player, Kyrie Irving. In this documentary he talked about how he warms up for a game, he said he likes to do something that get his mind off the game itself. He usually reads or listens to calming music before the game which I thought was amazing so now I read just a little bit before every game.