What i’ve Been Reading

I haven’t been good with the reading time that I got I’ve read like 1 book and and that 1 book is scary book but that’s not enough. I need to start reading more and if I don’t start I will have to read the big green books that we have in the corner not really well I think that won’t happen. Like my previous blog I don’t have strong feelings about books and I don’t think ill pull a every English teacher ever in the world and read that one book that I avoided for all my life and all of a sudden I will love every book in the world and reading in general.

Small improvements and 1% gains

I think the thing I mostly need to improve on and make less of these habits of is waiting until last minute to do something or doing it when I really need to do it like doing the essay in 2 in the morning type stuff.I think by improving that my grades wont be looking like an like I hit my face all over the keyboard in the same 5 places it would look like I just fell asleep on the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA button for three hour or so and I would feel so much joy that i don”t have ten f in a row

My Reading Journey

My experience reading I really don’t feel bad but I don’t really care about books some books are good some books are best sellers and what I am trying to say is reading books for my is good i guess.

For a kid I wasn’t feeling the best about books but I didn’t want to cry about reading time so the same I feel about books now.

My reaction about books didn’t ever change for some reasonĀ  and I don’t think it will but i am no time travler and this is for the word count ha ha ha nice