Halfway Gone

I didn’t invest my time to well on the whole reading aspect but I believe the time we’ve spent writing has helped me to come up with the words faster […]

Everybody Was Finally Equal

The story Harrison Bergeron is about the future and everyone is as equal as they can be but to achieve this they use these things they call handy caps and […]

The Good Stuff

Sorry if this whole post seems like I’m bragging but I just want to have a complete assignment. I have a lot of good things going for me here are […]

What's On My Mind?

Lately I have been playing with my brother and it has been frustrating because his character is doing so much more damage than me he is basically caring me trough […]

"Free! Body and soul free!"

There are many ways people can fell repressed¬† for example you can want some thing that others that you look up to see as wrong or immoral this creates an […]

1st Term Business

I fell like I tried harder in this class than any other of my classes but that is still not very hard like for example I haven’t really read that […]

Tech: Friend or Foe

I think that tech can be more of a tool more than any thing and to argue that it is bad is like arguing that we rely on farms and […]