October 2019

"Free! Body and soul free!"

There are many ways people can fell repressed¬† for example you can want some thing that others that you look up to see as wrong or immoral this creates an […]

1st Term Business

I fell like I tried harder in this class than any other of my classes but that is still not very hard like for example I haven’t really read that […]

Tech: Friend or Foe

I think that tech can be more of a tool more than any thing and to argue that it is bad is like arguing that we rely on farms and […]

The First Story I Read

I chose A Sound of Thunder By Ray Bradbury it starts out in an office and the main character Eckels waves a check of 10,000 to go back in time […]

What I've Been Reading

I have been reading Lord of the flies by William Golding and so far it has been very difficult and it is mostly because every thing I read just flows […]