Where I'm From

I don’t know too much about my family and where where from on my mom’s side but on my dad’s side we come from Ireland and I think we came […]

I think it is a good thing that Atticus didn’t give up even if it is cretin that he will loose he still might convince others that it is wrong […]

Getting to Know My Inner Voice

I think my inner voice is where all my thinking comes from. And to claim that you can get to know you inner voice is bit strange, because I think […]

What Would I Miss Most?

If I was living back in the 1930’s I would have to learn to wright every thing on paper so my hand writing might be better but I definitely would […]

I believe that to have the all man are created equal you can’t have that coexist with the whole slavery thing they had going on in order to not be […]

A Whole New Year

By the end of the school year I don’t think that I will be a better reader/writer but by the end of the year I do want to be more […]

Halfway Gone

I didn’t invest my time to well on the whole reading aspect but I believe the time we’ve spent writing has helped me to come up with the words faster […]

Everybody Was Finally Equal

The story Harrison Bergeron is about the future and everyone is as equal as they can be but to achieve this they use these things they call handy caps and […]