Tech: Friend or Foe

I think that tech can be more of a tool more than any thing and to argue that it is bad is like arguing that we rely on farms and […]

The First Story I Read

I chose A Sound of Thunder By Ray Bradbury it starts out in an office and the main character Eckels waves a check of 10,000 to go back in time […]

What I've Been Reading

I have been reading Lord of the flies by William Golding and so far it has been very difficult and it is mostly because every thing I read just flows […]

I can use Figurative Language!

My cats are so cute and I love them so much they are all the sunshine in my day. my cats names  are Finn and Gunther. We named them after adventure […]

Who am I as a writer

I have never liked writing like at all it kinda boring and it has all ways seemed so slow. But ever since I learned to type well I can get […]

My reading Journey

I have never enjoyed reading even when I was a kid I would push reading off to the last priority of home work. And it still kind of is I […]

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