1st Term Business

This term went pretty great I kinda wish I got some assignments done earlier because some days I would have homework. But  other then that I think I like the  the blogs more then the journals we did last year. I feel like I could give a little more effort next term I was just focusing on getting it done but next term I will put a little more detail and feeling in my blogs.I feel like this class helped me grow stronger in reading because of the fifteen minute reading. The goal I want to set is making my blogs longer and more detailed and I am aiming for an A next term. I really enjoyed this class it was really fun!

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Technology can be a good or a bad thing, like today’s technology is advancing. Some of the advanced technology can be bad though be cause there are brain disorders that were born out of the digital age. One of the brain disorders that got my attention was the phantom ring because it is when you hear your phone or other device vibrating, and that sadly happens to me sometimes. Another one that caught my attention was the Nomophobia   because that is when you misplace you phone and panic I do that sometimes too. So I can see how that is affecting people now.

The First Story I Read

I read ” A Sound of Thunder” By Ray Bradbury. It starts with this guy named Eckel and he is paying an official  to go shoot some dinosaurs. The main characters are Eckel he pays to shoot the dinosaurs and  Travis The safari guide in the past. Eckel wants to pay to shoot dinosaurs and Travis is helping him do it safely. It gets complicated when they say you can only stay on one path and not touch anything else and when Eckel chickens out and steps off the path because nobody knows what could happen and if it changed the past. Something that I enjoyed about the story was the way it was described it.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have been reading the Harry Potter Series. I just recently finished the sixth book in the series and it was great. I feel like reading time really helped because I usually don’t have much time at home to read. Right now I am on the seventh book of the Harry Potter series and I’m excited because its the last book of the series and I’ve heard it comes together really well in the end. Something I wish it would have told me in the last book was Voldemort’s reason of wanting to kill Harry Potter but other then that it was such a good book and I’m excited to finish the seventh one now.

I Can Use Figurative Language

last week I had a had a soccer game, my team was really excited because this was the big day the final game of the season. We went to practice 30 minutes before the game what we did with every usual game but this game was different we couldn’t stop giggling and talking. We ended practicing and started figuring out our positions and I remember look at the grass thinking “are we going to win”, then I knew I had to get that off my mind so I started looking at the grass it was freshly cut and the grass was as green as summer. Then the game started, I was playing defense the first half of the game and some girls were running faster than light. By the second half I was playing left forward and midfield, it felt like the sun was looking right over us with her warm smile. Then the game ended I couldn’t believe it we won we actually won it was the best day of my life and I won’t forget it.

“August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains” Short Story Annotation

The point that she was trying to make in the poem was that It won’t matter after everyone dies because the world will keep on going. The animals, plants, and even the seasons will keep on going on even if we are gone. She was trying to say that killing each for no reason was a stupid move but it wouldn’t really affect nature it would only . This message can help us today, it will help us see that if we have little

What Will The Future Be Like?


September 18, 2094, Technology will be way advanced we will have things we never thought we could have, we will have from cars on the ground to cars in the air. We will have cures to diseases like cancer, our daily lives will be more successful and we will be able to do more things. We will be smarter and explore more parts of the earth. There will be a war that brings the world together and at peace. The world will be better in 2094 because of the knowledge we will have about the technology, the cures to diseases , and the earth.

Small Improvements and 1% Gains

Some good habits to have in life would be, being kinder to people because you never know what they are going through and I know I would want to be treated with kindness now and in the future. Another good habit would be, being prepared because if your always prepared you will be ready if something happens. Something that you could do today to make life easier in the future would be, staying in school, trying your best, if you do that you have a good chance at getting a good job. Something else that would help in the future is not judging someone by their appearance, because it’s not the appearance that counts it’s the personality that counts.

My Reading Journey

My experience with reading is pretty awesome, I started to really enjoy reading when I started the Harry Potter series. It was so interesting it had a little bit of everything I enjoyed the books, right now I am on book six. I don’t really remember what age I started reading but I think its when I started school. When I was younger I had a hard time reading because I wasn’t very interested and because I didn’t find the right books. The books that stand out in my memory are The Book Thief and the Harry Potter series. I love reading now because its super fun.