My Reading Journey

My experience with reading is pretty awesome, I started to really enjoy reading when I started the Harry Potter series. It was so interesting it had a little bit of everything I enjoyed the books, right now I am on book six. I don’t really remember what age I started reading but I think its when I started school. When I was younger I had a hard time reading because I wasn’t very interested and because I didn’t find the right books. The books that stand out in my memory are The Book Thief and the Harry Potter series. I love reading now because its super fun.

4 thoughts on “My Reading Journey

  1. Boom. Reading is super fun. Haha, I tried reading the Harry Potter series in like sixth grade. I actually got really close to reading the whole series, but the end of the second to last book is what made me stop. Harry was super whiny, and it just finally got to me. I put off reading it, to the point where I just decided I wold stop reading the book. So I applaud you reading all the way through.

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