Busy Worrying About the Next World

When Miss Maudie tells Scout that  “sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of” a man like Atticus. She goes on to say “there are just some kind of men who–who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one.” I think Miss Maudie is trying to tell scout that sometimes even if your a religious person you still can be a bad person in a way like judging people, if they aren’t doing things like you and doing things the right way. I really liked were she said that we should be worrying  about the life we are living now not just our next like and to me its so true because you always see people saying if you do certain things your going to hell or they just don’t like what you do and judge you, but I think you should be able to figure it out by yourself because its your life and you should live it and you should try your best. Not saying you should do bad things just if you make mistakes try to get better don’t listen to the people that tell you your going to hell for it or just judge you because they are religious.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

What does Atticus mean by telling Scout to climb into another person’s skin? Well I think it means like putting your self in someones point of view or perspective and thinking about how they live life or how they do things so you don’t just judge them and question everything they do because there life is going to be different form yours and other people aren’t always gonna do things the same way as you are. How will this help her to get along better with all kinds of folks?  Well it will help Scout learn how to  be better and not be so rude to people just because she does things differently then some of her classmates. I try to do this sometimes because you never know what some people go through so its good to put your self in there point of view before you judge someone for what they do. I think I should totally try this a lot more because it will make me a better person and it will help me be kinder. I guess.

Where I’m From

My family is kinda split so my Mom’s side is from Kansas and Utah long story short my grandparents on my moms side met at a church party here in Utah when my grandpa was visiting form Kansas and my mom was born in Kansas  then they all moved back to Utah and she was raised there. Anyways my dads side of the family is from Mexico City and Tijuana also in Mexico  my dad and was also born there then they moved to Arizona and my dad was raised there then they moved to Utah. then my parents met here in Utah and then they had me and then got married then after awhile they had my brother but there marriage wasn’t working out so they got a divorce and my dad won custody of me and my brother. So I live with my brother, my dad, my stepmom, and my grandparents.I sometimes visit my mom but I haven’t lived with her for a little while. I get along so well with my family  we have gone through some rough times together and they are very supportive.

Getting To Know My Inner Voice

What I have learned about my inner voice is that it gets distracted sometimes but most of the time it pays attention. Like when we were reading to kill a mockingbird in class I was paying attention but I was also thinking about other things like what am I going to do today and things like that. My inner voice is kinda funny, I can hear myself talking in Spanglish its really funny to me at least. My inner voice pays attention but sometimes I just have to remind it that I want to listen to the story. I think that we have an inner voice because it helps us think about things a little better or it warns us when we are about to do something stupid. I think we can train it by writing down what we learn.





What Went Wrong?

I think that since everyone was use to pushing “colored” people around they tried to cheat the amendments and they succeeded they found ways to go around certain laws and I think that the just didn’t really care if that they were doing stuff like slavery and they didn’t really think about how it would come off as in the future. I Also think that’s why it took them so long to change things about equal rights and slavery, because they started thinking maybe it was ok thing to do that everyone was separated. So when they started changing things people weren’t use to having to change there ways so they didn’t for a while.

Everything I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know About the People I Know

To be honest I learned so many things from this assignment. It helps me see that I am no the only person in the world that’s going through trials. I also learned that its really interesting to hear a little piece of someones life because you see that they aren’t the person you thought they were they are this whole new person you didn’t know before. It helps me understand that when people go through trials they aren’t always public about it so you really don’t know what everyone is going through so I now see that its good to be nicer to people no matter who they are or what they look like. I think it’s  important to be able to see life from another person’s perspective to see your not alone and that you should be cautious of how you treat some people. I really like that I can understand my partner better because I now know a little more about her.

A whole New Year

I am honestly so surprised of how much better I am at writing now I remember at the beginning of the year I was scared that I would fail this class or something but it ended up just helping me out as a reader and writer I feel like I know more of a variety of reading and writing tactics. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try to improve I want to try to get even better at reading and even better at writing so to do that I have made a goal to try to write in a little journal I have everyday about something that happened in my day. This year I really want to improve a lot of things but I was listening to this video the other day and something this person said was don’t make goals because most of the time you don’t go through with them make a habit because habits are hard to break so I am trying to make the habit of trying my best in this class and all my others and making the habit of being kind and the habit of becoming a better singer and the habit of trying to become a lawyer in my future so yeah.

Halfway Gone

During reading time I truly did try to read the whole time. I was reading this really interesting book and I was really enjoying it until I sadly finished it I know that’s a good thing but I kinda didn’t want it to end. But it did so I had to find a different book and that sounds easy but its really hard for me to find a book I really want to read so I was searching for one. Then Mr. Green  recommended this book that sounded interesting so I decided to try and read it, I’m not gonna lie this was a really good book. But then in the middle it started getting a little boring so I  kinda felt it wasn’t the book for me, but then I decided to keep reading it and it turned out to be a really cool book by the end. So I’m glad I kept on reading it. I think that reading time is really awesome to be honest I think because of this English class I’ve read way more then last year which is so cool for me at least. I feel like with the blogs we’ve been writing have helped me to I kind of wish I did a little bit better on them but I did like some of my work I’m not gonna lie, but  over all I think that they helped me grow as a writer too.

The Story I Most Enjoyed

I really enjoyed the story Harrison Bergeron. It was about everyone being equal, Physically and mentally. They all were average they all looked average and thought average they used mental handicapper radios those and things that make you think less and stay average. In the story they said they all agreed to do this which I thought was great but I wonder why. It was really interesting to see the world in that way in the story I liked how it was kinda telling us that  when we become jealous of others accomplishments or just even compete to much and put them down for it this is an example of what the world can become and yes I’m not gonna lie I have been jealous before I think everyone has at least once in the lives and yes I have probably put people down in the past for it. For example saying oh you smartypants or something like that but I have been trying to do better and help people feel good about there accomplishments. Something I really like was that the author did was made it feel like we were in the story with all that wording and detail and one of my favorite parts was when the Mental Handicapper radios made everyone forget at the end that might sound weird but I kinda just thought oh that’s crazy how they can just make people forget.

The Good Stuff

To be honest it took me a little while to think about this because everyone knows the basics of what to be thankful for for example family, friends, and other things related to that. but I was thinking more about it and to be honest I am thankful for all my flaws and trials. You might be wondering what is this weird child saying, but the reason I am thankful for them is because they have helped me grow as a person and helped me be stronger mentally and physically. I’m also thankful for coping mechanisms  for those trials and flaws, some of those coping mechanisms for me are music and going on walks, and therapy and all the other things you use for coping with your trials that are good obviously but yeah this is what I’m grateful for!