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1% gain

My goal is to have a 4.0 at the end of the year.  Last time i checked my grain I was at a 3.9 and now I know I am capable of gettig a 4.0. If I get a 4.0… Continue Reading →

The sticky issue of equality

Equality means having everything the exact same with no exception just having everything be equally separated.  When people are truly equal everything that happen to them is equal no matter the race, religion, nationality it just should all be equal. … Continue Reading →

Literature Review

If you like a story with a little humor then this would be the story for you.  There is this  8 year old girl that asked for only two presents for Christmas and Santa only got her one of her… Continue Reading →

Tell me about it.

Today has been chill, but something that has been bothering me is I have 2 tests in geography today. Both of them are pretty easy and I think I have got it but every time I start doing a test… Continue Reading →

What I am reading

I am reading a book called Three Times Lucky. This book is a mystery, which I don’t read a lot of. Its about this girl who lives in a city called Topelo landing, and one day a man is murdered,… Continue Reading →

Who am I as a reader.

I’m gonna start off by saying that I am not the best reader. Reading isn’t something I would consider good but somethings I am good at with reading is I see what is going on in my head. Its like… Continue Reading →

How I did first term.

First term went great in English for me. Something I am very proud of that I did last year is in every skill I either was proficient  or was above proficient. That was very surprising to me. Something I struggled… Continue Reading →

The Power Of Words

The was that authors use words to show emotions or moods is incredible. I think the way they write the book with moods and emotions really does connect you to the character. It helps you feel what the author or… Continue Reading →

What kind of Writer am I?

I am not the greatest writer, but when I do write, I write a lot. As a writer I get my story in my head and then I jot it down on a piece of paper to just to see… Continue Reading →

How I felt About the First Story.

So the short story I read was a surprise ending story, called ” The sniper.” This story is set in the time of the civil war. There was a guy, on the top of a roof and he was in… Continue Reading →

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