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I think we should because it can teach you many things that can help with every day life. Like in the merchant of venice it shows that some people can stab you in the back. In romeo in Juliet it… Continue Reading →

What I know Or Think I know about Shakespeare

The things I know about Shakespeare is that he wrote plays that were mostly about tragedy, comedy and history. I also know that he had some kid and also lost one or two kids, and wrote a play about them… Continue Reading →

Self- Assessment

Why is it good to grade your own work? I think its good to grade you’re own work so you can see what you’ve done good and what you need improvement on. Its a great way of showing how honest… Continue Reading →

How I will dominate during term 4.

I am proud of how much I improved from last term.  I left term 3 with all A’s. That was my first time having all A’s. It is a lot of work to get there but once I made it… Continue Reading →

How I feel about To Kill A Mockingbird

To kill a Mocking bird was the most boring book in the beginning and I had this mind set that i would not like it, but that mind set changed. It started getting interesting when it started talking about the… Continue Reading →

Good Stuff From to Kill a Mockingbird

“If there is just one kind of folks, why can’t they get along with each other? If they are all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise each other?” The way Jem said this he was… Continue Reading →

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

When I think of Authority, courage and integrity I think of my mother. My mother shows so much courage in life sometimes I feel like she is fully made of steel. But in reality my mom can really get beaten up… Continue Reading →

Blind Spots

I totally think that somebody can be a good person with blind spots, its like a cars blind spots. The person in the car may be the best driver you’ve ever know but if they don’t check the blind spots… Continue Reading →

What went wrong with the sub.

In my opinion I think I was great with the sub. I was talking a little more then often but I was usually talking at the right time. When I got in class I read my book and then when… Continue Reading →

real courage

What is real courage? Real courage is standing up for what you believe and not letting anybody make you think differently. In the book Atticus helps Tom Robinson even tho he knows he wont be able to win the case…. Continue Reading →

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