Story I Disliked the Most

Okay, so I enjoyed most of the short stories we read in class. Some of them were a little weird, but like, I thought they were nice. They for sure got you thinking. But one I really did not like and kind of confused me was, “Harrison Bergeron.” I didn’t like the whole “all mankind has to be equal so people we’re jealous of, suffer” type of thing, or at least that’s the type of vibe I got from it. But wanting to make every one equal by making them wear handicaps sounds so awful, and especially having to wear something that fries your brain every 30 seconds. You’d be stuck in a time loop I feel like. Don’t worry, I got the point Kurt Vonnegut was trying to make, I just overall didn’t like the story. I thought at some points he went way overboard with trying make a point. Like the authors craft Vonnegut was using, simile’s and metaphors, really over did things sometimes. But sometimes when he included it, it was pretty cool. Also, the wife was a complete air head. She really annoyed me. That, and I don’t know about you, but personally I’m not into the whole kissing 35 feet in the air with someone. But maybe that’s just a weird me thing. Anyways, I just didn’t really enjoy this one.

The Good Stuff

So there’s for sure a lot I’m thankful/grateful for. Of course I’m very grateful for my family and friends, always. They’re the ones who have to put up with me 24/7 😉 Umm my brother is currently serving a LDS mission, so that’s cool. I’m grateful he’s doing okay, even if he is kind of a butt-head. (What brother isn’t?) Oh, shoes. Yes, I am super thankful for shoes, a lot. That would be so gross, having to go the the store bare foot. Having the chance to actually go to school and get a education is something I am very thankful for, even if it gives me a lot of stress sometimes. I am also very grateful for Avatar, the Last Airbender. That is something to be very happy about. There’s a lot I’m thankful for, but those are big six or so.

Everybody Was Finally Equal!

I feel like this story may be a little crazy and 100% bonkers at some parts (specifically the part where two people are floating 30 feet in the air and are making out…) but in other aspects, it was pretty accurate about things today. For example, I have a friend who is super smart, tries really hard, does her best, and takes like 3 honors classes. Instead of congratulating her for her hard work and dedication, some of my friends tease her, call her “over achiever,” and other non-uplifting things. It’s not that great. I’d feel pretty crumby if someone did that to me after I just gave something my all. But I guess people react that way because their not willing to put in the hard work and dedication themselves, so they’re jealous of the people that actually are. How about instead of feeling jealous and sorry for yourself, you actually put your all in? That’s something I for sure should work on, need to work on. Don’t feel threatened by others achievements, use them as examples and grow from them.

What’s This Got To Do With Me

I’m reading the short story “A Jury of Her Peers,” so far it’s good, but a little confusing. Mrs. Hale and Mrs Peters are helping to determine if Mrs. Foster killed her husband. They find a bird cage in her house, it’s empty. Later they end up finding the bird wrapped up in cloth in this pretty little box with it’s neck wrung. Mrs. Peters comments on how when she was girl, she had a kitten that got out. A boy saw it, took his hatchet, and…. *death* If someone hadn’t been holding her back, she says she would’ve hurt him. If someone ever hurt something like that I cared about, I’d kill them. Okay, probably not actually kill them, but you get the point.

“Free! Body and soul free!”

Okay, so today, I think just about anything can make a person feel trapped. It can be something as simple as your mom not letting you do anything until your homework is done, or really insane law’s a rules. I think in order for those trapped to obtain freedom, they personally have to do something about it, not wait forever for their “night in shining armor,” or their Superman. They have to stand up, grab the stupid rule book, and shove in rule maker’s face. And I quote School Of Rock; “Stick it to the man!” But like, not violence please, because that never ends well and it causes a lot more problems. ;D

First Term Business

So far this term I’ve been trying, I guess. Okay, yeah I am. If felt like this year’s first term went pretty good, at least for this class. Most of the time I usually try to get a 3 or a 4 on assignments. I try to always make sure I’m prepared for this class and bring a book, I forget sometimes. That, and I don’t like reading from those huge heavy textbooks. One of my greatest successes is probably…ugh I don’t know. I guess the technology friend or foe blog. That sounds kinda lame, but I liked what I did with it. For next term, my goals are probably to shoot for a 4, avoid missing assignments, and find those two freaking books that are never in the library. Like seriously, it’s been a whole month and they’re both still not there?!

Technology- Friend or Foe?

For the past couple of years, I feel like this has bee kind of a big argument between people. But the reality? Its honestly both. Technology has helped the whole world connect and created cures and medicines. We use technology for transportation, even eating or preparing food. We are surrounded. But with every good thing, there always is a bad. That’s just the reality of life. People have figured out how to use it to be creepers, look at not-so-good pictures, spam, etc. The list goes on and on for both sides. But I feel like all the way towards the end, it will probably be one or the other. Either we’ll have used technology to help save the planet and cure cancer, or bomb other countries and war. So really, we get to make that final decision.I just hope it’s the right one. (Look at that computer/laptop, he looks pretty friendly, right? lol.)

The First Story I Read

I chose to read the short story “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury. The story begins with George and Linda Hadley, the parents of Peter and Wendy Hadley. Mrs. Hadley is very concerned about their children, for in their super high-tech nursery that has walls with screens and can transform the room into any setting the kids desire, a very disturbing setting has been playing repeatedly. It begins with a blooding curdling scream, and then lions in the hot savanna eating their latest kill. After words, they go to the watering hole, and take a drink. One of the most startling things about this high tech illusion, is how real it seems. Worried for their children, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley decide to shut off Wendy and Peter’s precious nursery, which they have a fit about. In a desperate attempt to rescue their beloved nursery, the children take a shot at getting it back. And it’s no wonder why the parents were worried. 

What I’ve Been Reading

Okay, so far this year I’ve read a couple of books. Part of that is the fact that none of the books I wanted to read next in a series wasn’t there, so I had to improvise. Now I’m knee deep in book series to read. So I’m gonna have to go check again. Phew, moving on. Okay, I’m going to be honest, I really like reading time. It’s a nice 15 minutes to sit, and… ponder. Lol, just kidding. I just like to read. One of the books I really liked, was “Elizabeth Smart, My Story.” It was super good. But I highly recommend not reading it at like 12:30 at night at the part when she’s getting kidnapped. Hahah, I had a hard time sleeping that night. Our school library has it, so you should check that out. Another book I enjoyed was “The Maze Runner.” Super good and action packed, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a whole series, but the other books aren’t quite as good, but I still haven’t read the whole series, just the first three books. The book I’m reading right now I don’t love, “The Prophet of Yonwood,” It’s part of the “City of Ember” series. It is super weird and like falls out of order with the other two books. Boom, i is done now.


I Can Use Figurative Language

We tip toed our way through the dark. I stepped on a twig and it snapped, making a horribly loud noise. “Shhhh!” Emily shot at me. We were trying to be quiet as a mouse. She turned back around and continued walking. Her large feet left footprints in the soft dirt, they looked as big as a canoe. Since we didn’t want to be caught, Emily said no flash lights, “We might as well light a flare,” She said earlier that day while we were planning. So we were walking in a black hole. I tired to be quiet, but I kept tripping on things I couldn’t see. Emily turned around and looked at me. “Kasey, you’re as loud as an elephant! An alarm clock could sneak better than you!” Since it was dark, I couldn’t see her face very good. But I was sure she was giving me a super dirty look. “I know I’m sorry, but I can’t see anythin-” Just then a bright light turned and was shinning at us. “Hey! Who’s there?” An unfamiliar voice hollered. We turned around and ran at cheetah speed.

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