Thoughts, Questions, and Epiphanies

I read The Help for my book group. First of all, I thought it was a super well written book along with To Kill a Mockingbird. They both have very similar lessons and themes in them. In The Help, it mentions To Kill a Mockingbird a few times. One question I have for The help is why aren’t people more accepting of black people in the help if To Kill a Mockingbird was already written. It has so many great lessons in it and I think if people had read it, the people in the time of The Help would have been way more accepting of everyone. I think there are connections with people’s names in both books. In To Kill a Mockingbird, it was Tom Robinson and Tim Johnson. In The Help, there are a lot of people’s names that are very similar. All the ladies that are friends for example all of very similar names. I think Skeeter has a very different name than the others to set her apart from her friends because she doesn’t believe all the things that do. She disagrees with a lot of what she says. I think there is a lot of things to take away from both of the books. They were both written very well and with a lot of thought.


How I will dominate during term 4

In the previous terms, I have gotten all A’s so I am really proud of that. I did well with completing my homework and I have done really well with attendance. I need to improve on completing my homework earlier so I’m not doing it the night before and staying up really late. I need to manage my time better so I can do my homework earlier. I also need to study for tests earlier because I usually just study the night before the test and I don’t study as well as I could. I want to improve my determination with my school work. I sometimes just do my homework and my assignments because I want to get an A, but I should be doing it because I want to learn. One of my big goals for this year is to manage my time better. I am really bad at doing important things first, and then doing things that I want to do. I am planning to do my homework and my important stuff before I watch Netflix and YouTube in 4th term.

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Good stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

The quote I chose was “They’ve done it before and they did it tonight and they’ll do it again and when they do it-seems that only children weep.” Atticus says this to Jem when he asks Atticus how could they find Tom Robinson guilty. I think this is a really powerful quote. It shows that racism is a really big problem in Maycomb. I think it also tells you a lot about the people there. It shows that they don’t care about what’s right or wrong. They just don’t want to look bad in front of everybody and they don’t want to be embarrassed. They just care about themselves and how they look to people. I think when people read this part of they book, they realize how sad Atticus is that they lost the case. He obviously hates that they lost and that it is so common that they convict black people just because they’re black. I really like the part that says “only children weep” because it shows that not very many people in the town care that Tom was found guilty and the kids are really sad that he’s not free. I think this quote tells a lot about Atticus and the story.

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An authority on courage and integrity

I think of my mom when I think of people with integrity. She always stands up for what she believes and what is right. If my friend who needed help with being courageous talked to my mom, she would tell her, “It’s really important to have integrity. If you know what is right, then you shouldn’t hesitate to do the right thing. It is hard to be courageous but you feel really good after you do something that was really hard. Take for example, a really hard workout. When you are doing the workout, in the moment, you feel like you are going to collapse. However, after you are done, you feel really good. You might feel sore, but you have the great feeling of accomplishment. You will feel so much better after you do the right thing. If you make a wrong choice just because it is easy, you will feel horrible later knowing that you did something wrong. It is never the right time to make a bad choice and it is never the wrong time to make a good choice.”

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Blind Spots

I think Atticus didn’t really describe the people coming to the jailhouse very well. It was super messed up that they came to lynch Tom Robinson. I don’t think they just have blind spots. I think they really have something wrong with them. I think Atticus might have just told Jem and Scout that they were good people so they wouldn’t think really bad things about them. I think it could still be possible to be a good man even though you want to do something bad. I think maybe some people in the group just had a spur of recklessness but they probably wouldn’t do that normally. However, I think there were still some people at the jailhouse that are just bad people so they would do something like that for their own gain. I think it really depends on the person that they are talking about. Some people might be a genuine bad person but others might have been forced to be there or wouldn’t ever do that normally.

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I think Atticus is really noble to still try to win the case. It shows that he cares about what happens to Tom Robinson. I think it is still worth trying even though he knows he is going to lose. Even if they do lose, Atticus still tried to win and Tom Robinson would be really grateful that he tried. I think he should sacrifice everything he can to help him including his pride and dignity. I think he should still care about his family and make sure he doesn’t do anything too extreme that would hurt his  family. I think Atticus is a really good person because of this. He doesn’t care that he’s going to lose. He just wants to help Tom Robinson. I think there are ups and downs to working the case and putting his family through that. It could be bad because a lot of people get mad at them and it could put all of them in danger. It is a good thing though because Atticus working the case teaches Jem and Scout to do good things and care about everyone.

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Climbing into another person’s skin

When Atticus tells Scout to climb into another person’s skin, he’s saying he wants her to try to see how they feel and see things from their point of view. That is really helpful advice. It will help scout understand the other kids and other people in the world. If you don’t understand how someone feels, it’s hard to sympathize with them. I try to do this when someone treats me badly or are just mean in general. I don’t do it all the time and I need to do it more to see why people act a certain way.  I think when I do it, it is helpful for me and I end up being nicer to them and I understand them more. It also makes me like them more if I understand how they feel. I have heard this saying a lot and I think it is really important. Many people need to be reminded that they need to understand how people feel.

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Beliefs and actions

In the article that we read about belief windows, I agreed with most of what they said but I don’t agree with some of it. For example, it says that reality is just something that we make up through our belief windows and we just except it as human beings. I think that’s kind of weird because we all have the same reality but we just have different experiences and we think differently. It’s not like our reality isn’t actually reality. The idea seems really far fetched. It is important to know what we believe so we know why we make the decisions we do and where we are in life. Your beliefs are formed by the people you meet and the experiences you have. The people you meet have a big impact because who you hang out with determines how you act and think. Our beliefs shape our actions by us thinking about what we think is right and what we should do. Your actions can also be determined by what you think someone else would do.

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The end is halfway upon us

I am pretty proud of my work this semester. I have gotten all A’s and I’m really happy about that. I have worked really hard in my classes to get a good grade. There are some classes that I could put more effort into to get more out of them.  I really need to consistently study biology so I’m not cramming for tests. I also need to practice violin regularly because I usually don’t. I don’t read a lot at home because I don’t have a lot of time to do it, but when I do, I end up reading for a really long time. Having reading time in class has been really good for me because it encourages me to find a lot of good books to read. The goals I set this year include practicing violin and getting enough sleep. I still need to work on practicing violin. I have not been improving in that area very much. I have gotten a little more sleep than I usually do but I still occasionally have a really late night. I still need to spend my time better as well.

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1% Gain

I need to improve my violin playing and practicing. I don’t practice every day like I should and I need to. I am going to try to find the time to practice every day. I have a lot to do during the day but I could probably find time to do it. I am going to practice every day after school for at least thirty minutes. If I do that, it will pay off by being better at violin and doing better in a orchestra. Even when I stop taking orchestra, learning to make plans to improve will help me in my career and in my later life. I would also be more confident in my violin playing so I will be happier in orchestra. When I do practice, I can see a really big difference in my playing in class. Mr. Beck is also happier with me when I practice because I am better at the songs. Right now, when I’m practicing my solo, I can tell that when I practice, I do way better.

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