Plot Structure

In my book, The False Prince, the main plot structure is a quest. The main character is trying to win something that two other boys want. It also is a rivalry plot structure. In the book, a man named Conner rounds up 3 boys to impersonate the lost prince. The main character, Sage, does not want to be there and he wants to get away as soon as possible. The other two boys: Roden and Tobias feel threatened by Sage and want to beat him at all costs. Especially Tobias.

The main conflict of the book is that all three of the boys want the same thing, but only one person can have it. All three boys want to be picked to impersonate the prince. Though nobody has said it yet, they all know that the two people who don’t win will be killed. There are also some little conflicts throughout the book that haven’t all been solved yet.

My favorite part of the book so far was when the main character could not control a horse and it keeps running and running until someone can come and get him off the horse. The horse ends up running away and Sage doesn’t feel any remorse at all. I thought that part was funny.


In my book, The False Prince, the main character is named Sage. He’s very independent and he never wants help from anyone. There are 2 other characters named Tobias and Roden. All three of them are competing for something and Tobias really wants it and does not want Roden or Sage find out any of his secrets or tactics.

The most major character is Sage. A man named Conner has rounded up 3 boys for them to compete to fake being the prince. Sage does not want to be there and he really wants to leave but he knows that Conner will kill him if he tries to leave. Sage is known for his running away. He does enough to keep Conner from killing him, but not enough to be his favorite.

There are a few antagonists. One of them is Tobias and there is a man working for Conner named Cregan. He does not like Sage but he’s not a villain. He’s just not a very likable character. There’s not a big nemesis but Conner kind of seems like he could be. However, you get the feeling from him that he could be the good guy.

Main/Major: The character That the whole story centers around

Minor: The supporting characters

Static/Flat: The character that doesn’t undergo any personality change through the story

Dynamic/Round: The character that undergoes a dramatic change in personality or attitude.

Protagonist: The main character in any story

Antagonist: The character/characters that want to stop the protagonist from what they want.

Nemesis: The ultimate foe

Sidekick: A close companion or colleague


The setting of my book is set in a house clearly owned by someone rich. It started by a shop and it changed a few times until it ends up in the house. It changes around a little bit, but it mostly stays in the house and in the yard of the yard.

The time of year is hard to know because it has a king and a queen in it but that could be in a different country right now or it could be a long time ago somewhere more local.

So far in the book, it has been really warm most of the time. The characters move to different places sometimes and it has been pretty warm in most of those places. However, they are mostly inside and don’t get outside very much, but when they do go outside, it’s warm.

The mood in most parts of the book is really serious. There are some amusing parts of the book but it’s mostly serious and mellow. The atmosphere can be sad and kind of scary in some places but it can also be funny and amusing in some places.


Parent Teacher Conference

Dear Mom and Dad, during the 20 minutes that we read in class, I read The False Prince. Out of those 20 minutes, I read 100% of the time. I read about 11 pages in that time. I have to read 259 more pages to finish my book. I usually read at school and at home, but sometimes I just read during school.

During class, I am on task and I’m working as hard as I can. I read a little bit slower that I usually do to understand the book better. I’m focused while we are reading and try to read as fast as I can and have it still make sense.

I have gotten exceeds mastery on every blog post I’ve written and plan to keep it that way. This is a picture of the front cover of my book.

Declaring My Book

My book that I’m reading is The False Prince. My mom suggested this book when I said that the main character needed to be my age. She has read it before and she said she really liked it so I wanted to read it. We tried to find it at the library, but it wasn’t there, so we downloaded it on a kindle.

The author of this book is Jennifer A. Nielsen. She was born on July 10th, 1971, and she is 46 years old. She was born and raised in northern Utah and she now lives at the base of a mountain in northern Utah. She also has 3 children.  She is known for writing young adult fiction. She completed her first full manuscript when she was 11 years old, but it was never published due to her age.

My book was written in 2012. It is important to know when it was written because it will tell you something about he time period of the book and what technology they had at that time.

Some books similar to The False Prince are The Runaway King, The Shadow Throne, Rise of the Wolf, and The Westing game. The genre of The False Prince is fantasy. I like these kinds of books because it has a lot of action and it just makes you want to read more and more of the book.

This book is for teens and young adults. Here is the link to find that. At the top of the page, it says for teens and young adults.  My book is 352 pages long.