End of term 1

This term, when I read, I finished my book about a week before the book report was due. I thought I wouldn’t finish it on time at first, but I read more at home towards the end. I would have read more at home and make more of an effort to finish my book to change for next quarter.

It was easy to do my blog posts because there were instructions and I knew what to do. It was also hard because you only had one day to do them on most of them. I wish we wouldn’t have them as often because I feel like we did them almost every class period.

I liked the book report because the projects didn’t take a lot time to do. I didn’t like them because you had to present it in front of the class and you were under pressure. I forgot to do some parts of my report because I was nervous. I wish that we wouldn’t have so much to say for the book report because it was really hard to remember it all. If I had to do it over again, I would have written down what I wanted to say for the book report.

If I could start the term over, I would try to finish my book faster so I could read more books. I would keep doing my work and turn stuff in on time. I feel good now that the term is over because I have an A in the class.


In my book, The False Prince,┬áthere is a sword that is a copy of the sword that a prince uses in the book. The main character, Sage, steals the copy and it’s really important to the story in the end. Another object that is important to the book is a small piece of gold. The main character’s dad gives it to him when he’s really young and he carries it everywhere with him. The gold is the one object that convinces everyone that Sage is the prince and it solves the whole story.

On the cover of my book, there is a big picture of a broken crown. I think it symbolizes  that the main character once was a prince and he ran away and he changed his identity and everyone thought he had died. I think they were marketing towards boys more that girls because the cover is green and the main character is a boy. However, I really enjoyed it too and I think most girls would enjoy it too. Would I change anything about the book cover? I think I would have changed the object on the front to something that is in the book more and had more to do with the character and the book.

The theme in my book is basically that you have to make sacrifices to do the right thing. I know this because all throughout the book, the main character has to sacrifice himself physically and mentally. For example, Sage says does something that is the right thing to say, but he ends up getting whipped for it and he later gets cut in the back by a different person and he suffers a lot. This book teaches you a lot of things.