Call to Personal Adventure

Every day, I wake up and get ready. If it’s a school day, I get up at 6:45. I start getting ready for the day by making my lunch for school. After I get done with making it, I get dressed. Following that, I do my hair and makeup. That usually takes me about 15 minutes. Then I go to school and go to all my classes. After I get home, I do my homework. Then my parents get home and my family and I eat dinner. Then I do my nighttime routine and go to bed.

One thing that I feel that calls to me is London, England. I’ve always wanted to go to London someday. I dream about going almost every day and I imagine what I would do there. I love traveling and I’ve never been to Europe so going to London is at the top of my bucket list. I want to save my money to go when I’m older.

Something that holds me back from going is not enough money. I’m only fourteen, so I don’t have very much money. Especially to go to Europe. Another thing that holds me back is my parents. They are not interested in going to Europe and they would probably be the people that would take me. However, since they don’t want to go, I probably won’t be going anytime soon.

Someone that is helping me on my “adventure” is my brother in-law. He is going on a study abroad to Europe and He is going to London for a week. As a joke, I asked him if I could go with him. He said no which wasn’t a surprise. However, he encouraged me to keep saving up my money to go when I’m older. My mom also encouraged me to wait to go until I was older to enjoy it more.

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