Spring Break

For spring break, I am going up to Idaho to visit my cousins. We don’t see them very much because they live 6 hours away. We are going up and sleeping over for three nights. We don’t know what we are going to do up there but we are mostly going to just hang out with our cousins. My parents, my sister and I are the only ones who are going. I have 3 other sisters but they are all married and they don’t want to go.

We are going to drive up on Tuesday and then come back home on Friday. Our cousins told us that there is a really good restaurant by where they live and they have a bunch of different kinds of fries so we will probably go there at some point. We wanted to go visit them because we don’t see them very much and they’re really fun to hang out with. We are just driving up to Idaho because it’s a short enough drive that it’s not going to be miserable to drive that long. I’m really excited that we are going because my cousins are awesome. They are super fun to hang out with and they are really funny. I’m really happy that we are going.

Term 4 Blog Post

I chose the book, The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen. I chose this book because I have read the first two books of the trilogy and I wanted to finish the series. I started reading the series because my mom recommended it.

The reading level of my book is for teens. I know because I looked on Amazon. The age of the main character is 14-15.

There is not a movie for the Shadow Throne or for any of the books in the False Prince trilogy. It is very well known in Utah. I think most people have heard of it and the author lives in Utah. It is considered a classic so it is very well known. Not just in Utah.

Shakespeare’s birthday extra credit

William Shakespeare was born on April 23rd, 1564. The biggest celebrations for Shakespeare’s birthday are in Stratford-upon-Avon. That is where he lived most of his life. For the celebrations, the town’s streets fill with music, pageantry and drama. In this year’s celebration, they are urging the crowd to get on “bard” for his birthday. They want them to come prepared in costume and with an entry. There will be a prize for the one with the best entry. To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday, you could go to Stratford-upon-Avon to celebrate with many others. You could also have your own party with your family. You could act out part of one of his plays with your friends or family. The reason people celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday is to honor him. He wrote so many plays and he inspired many people. That is just one of the reasons people celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday. There are many more. Shakespeare is very important to some people. Some have been acting almost their whole life and Shakespeare could be their favorite thing to act out. I have seen and met many people who have said that Shakespeare has impacted their life a very significantly. Those are some reasons why Shakespeare’s birthday is so important to celebrate.