I am reading The Shadow Throne. The name of the country the main character is in is called Carthya. He is there most of the book. He starts out in Avenia and later goes to Carthya. It doesn’t really say what the time period it is set in but I’m guessing it’s in the 1800s. The main character in my book gets captured and he is in a cell for part of the book. He is really sad for this part of the book because he doesn’t have anywhere to go and he’s not eating anything. In the beginning of the book, he is running around all of the country while he is fighting a war. The weather is not described but it is probably warm since the story is placed in the summer. ¬†While he is in the cell, he is usually in a worse mood in the morning than mid-day or the evening. The cell is described as dark so it does not have a very happy environment. The main character is in his castle for the very beginning and he described how much he loves sitting in his garden. It is one of the few places that make him feel happy.

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Casting characters

King Jaron: Corey Fogelmanis

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“Nothing about me was remarkable. I was only of medium height.”

“My hair was badly in need of cutting, tangled, dark blond but getting lighter with each passing month.”

“I had a forgettable face.”


Tobias: Grant Gustin

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“He was tall and unusually thin.”

“His hair was darker than mine.”

“His hair was stringy and straight.”


King Vargan: Jeremy Irons

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“Vargan was tall and well built but slowly wilting.”

“He had dark eyes and a graying face of deep lines.”

“His hair was still long and thick but the color of coals on a dead fire.”

Imogen: Alexis Bledel


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“She wore her dark brown hair down her back.”

“Dark hair, dark eyes.”

“Her honey brown eyes blazed with disapproval.”