How I felt about the first story

I really liked the story I read because it had a lot of detail. The story was really well told but it was kind of confusing sometimes. There were some parts where I couldn’t really tell who died or who shot who. I really liked the surprise ending in it. I didn’t expect it at all. I kind of thought that the main character was going to die. I would have never guessed that he killed his bother. I think it was super sad that it happened though. I can’t imagine how I would feel if that happened to me. I am most exited to discuss the ending with my group. I want to know what they thought was going to happen. I want to know if anyone guessed that he was going to shoot his brother. I don’t think anyone could have guessed that, but if they did, it would be super impressive.

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What I look for in a good character

The protagonist that I probably care the most about is Maxon in The Selection. It think what made me like him so much was that he was so passionate about everything. He was especially passionate about the people in his life. He loves his family and the main character in the story. Another thing that made me like him a lot was that he had to go through a lot of hard things in his life and he still didn’t give up. I made me care about him more because I felt bad for him. When I look for a good character in a book, I want them to be really well described and have a really defined character. If your reading about a character and you don’t know anything about them, it’s not very fun to read about their experiences or the choices that they make. I also think describing what they look like is a really important thing to have in a story because part of who people are comes from what they look like. Their emotion that is described is really important.

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Why do we read stories?

There is no doubt that reading is beneficial. Every school encourages children to read every day. Most children like reading stories better than information articles. Although reading articles can be helpful and educational, it’s not the only thing there is to read. Reading stories makes our brains think and imagine what is happening in the book. From reading stories, we understand things about the world that we don’t know. We also get more ideas about people and their culture. The stories we read determine how we interact with people. The kinds of people that we read about in our books are the people that you will start to act like. You could start treating the people in your life the way that the character does in the story. They might even determine the people that you want to hang out with and spend your time with. Reading stories also makes us happy if we are reading something that we enjoy.

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The best book I ever read

The best book I’ve ever read is the selection series. I really love it because it has romance and a little bit of action in it. It’s not just straight romance. It doesn’t get boring because there’s always something new that’s happening in the book and the story line doesn’t just repeat. It’s about a girl that gets chosen to go to the palace to have a chance to marry the prince. When she goes, the southern and northern rebels from their country try to break into the palace several times. The prince has to slowly eliminate the girls to find his wife. The main character, America has a boyfriend before she comes to the palace and he shows up later in the story. The story is really well told. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I think girls would enjoy it a little more than guys because the main character is a girl and it’s a romance book.

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