How I did during first term

For the first term, I got all A’s in all my classes. One thing I struggled with was writing short stories and making them interesting. One thing that I want to do better next term is to try to get every assignment done in class and not have to do it at home. A goal that I have for second term is to get all A’s and try to get highly proficient in all the skills in the English. I plan on working very hard in my classes to get the grade I want. I’m hoping to be better at writing stories by the end of the term. I will know if I have achieved that goal if I get highly proficient on my assignments. One personal goal I have is to keep my room clean. I will clean my room every week and more if needed. I will know if I have reached my goal if I don’t have to clean my room all the time and my room is just clean all the time.

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The power of words

When you’re reading a story, it’s not very interesting if a character doesn’t have any emotion or if there aren’t very many describing words. Authors use certain words to get us to feel a certain way about a character or about a situation. Authors might use sad words in the story to make us feel bad for a character. They use hopeful and happy words to be happy for a character. They also use emotional words to show how someone is feeling. Whatever the character is feeling in a story is what the author wants the reader to feel too. They will describe how someone is feeling in detail so we feel the same way too. If you don’t know what a character is feeling, then you don’t know what emotion to feel in the story. You can still have your opinion about the story and the circumstances but the way the character feels will influence a part of how you feel.

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What kind of writer am I?

My strengths and my weaknesses in writing depend on what kind of writing I’m doing. When I’m writing informative or argumentative articles, I have a hard time keeping on topic in a paragraph. When I try to find a lot of stuff to write about, I end up not being on the same topic for the whole time. When I write short stories, I have a hard time ending the story fast and I kind of draw out the story. I will start writing the beginning of a story and then it won’t really move along like it should. I try to put as many describing words in my stories as possible. I want it to feel like you are a part of the story when you read it. I still need to work on making things more descriptive and interesting to read. I think I would do better at writing a book than I do writing short stories. I tend to make stories really long and I don’t know how to end it very well.

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