The end is halfway upon us

I am pretty proud of my work this semester. I have gotten all A’s and I’m really happy about that. I have worked really hard in my classes to get a good grade. There are some classes that I could put more effort into to get more out of them.  I really need to consistently study biology so I’m not cramming for tests. I also need to practice violin regularly because I usually don’t. I don’t read a lot at home because I don’t have a lot of time to do it, but when I do, I end up reading for a really long time. Having reading time in class has been really good for me because it encourages me to find a lot of good books to read. The goals I set this year include practicing violin and getting enough sleep. I still need to work on practicing violin. I have not been improving in that area very much. I have gotten a little more sleep than I usually do but I still occasionally have a really late night. I still need to spend my time better as well.

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